Navigating Dental Excellence: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Urvija Jain

From Family Legacy to Transformative Care: A Dentist's Journey and Patient-Centric Approach
Dr. Urvija Jain,
Dental Surgeon and Cosmetologist
Dr. Urvija Jain, Dental Surgeon and Cosmetologist

Dr. Urvija Jain (MedBound Handle: Dr. Urvija Jain), a dedicated dentist with 8 years of practice, shares her journey inspired by her family of doctors and passion for serving society. She recounts a rewarding patient success story where her precise treatment helped a candidate clear a crucial exam. Her patient-focused approach prioritizes trust-building, clear communication, and comfortable clinic experiences. Dr. Jain's pursuit of continuous learning through workshops and conferences ensures she stays updated with the latest advancements. Through dental camps, she collaborates with the National Medicos Organization and Seva Bharti NGO, promoting preventive dentistry in communities, and she advocates for oral health awareness in the community.

Dr. Nidhi Arora (MedBound Handle: @DrNidhiArora18) : What motivated you to be a dentist, and how has your journey been so far?

Dr. Urvija Jain: I would like to share my story in brief. It has been my dream since childhood to become a doctor.

I had an understanding of the responsibilities that a doctor has since my childhood because my entire family is full of doctors. Seeing their passion for their work motivated me to become a doctor.

I started my journey as a dentist alone since nobody in my family is a dentist. But I did get guidance from my family, like how to run a clinic or how important the patient-doctor relationship is. The importance of serving society through my knowledge and learning.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Can you share a memorable patient success story that highlights the impact of your work?

Dr. Urvija Jain: I came across so many patients in my 8 years of practice, and each patient is different; they are different, their requirements are different, and their treatment is different. So, recently, I came across a patient who was appearing for an army exam. He came to my clinic and told me his requirement: he wanted composite fillings in his molars, but the aesthetics of tooth restorations should be maintained. He wanted an ideal tooth structure through composite restoration with exact fossa, grooves, cusp shape, and size.

It was challenging not because of the composite restoration but because his medical exam had dental points too. So his selection is dependent on my treatment to a certain extent. The procedure was done beautifully. And my patient cleared his medical exam with flying colors.

Dr. Urvija Jain treating patient with high requirement of esthetics.
Dr. Urvija Jain treating patient with high requirement of esthetics.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How do you ensure that your patient feels comfortable and at ease during their dental visit?

Dr. Urvija Jain: When a doctor listens to their patient peacefully, the act of listening itself heals 50 percent of the patient's problem.

Getting the patient’s trust is more important before starting the treatment. Always explain the entire procedure before you proceed with treatment. Try to do appointment-based practice. It is beneficial for patient and doctor both since dental procedures take time. An appointment-based practice will reduce the patient's waiting period. Your waiting area should be comfortable, entertaining, and educational since your patient might have to wait before his or her procedure.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Could you discuss any particular dental procedure that you specialize in and what makes it unique or challenging?

Dr.Urvija Jain: Apart from BDS, I have a PG diploma in clinical cosmetology from ILALMED Delhi and a Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry from Delhi.

It is challenging in the sense that you deal with the patient’s face and esthetic. You can’t mess with it; you have to be precise. And a unique aspect is that patients tell me that after their treatment they feel confident.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How do you stay updated with the latest developments and research in your field?

Dr. Urvija Jain: I usually attend CDE programs, conferences, and meetings over recent advancements. I also attend workshops for practical knowledge. I follow a few informative pages on social media.

Dr.Nidhi Arora: What role do preventive dentistry and patient education play in your practice, and how do you promote oral health awareness among your patients?

Dr. Urvija Jain:I participate in or organize dental camps to educate patients about oral health and dental treatments. I usually distribute pamphlets regarding oral health awareness. I have attended so many camps in the past year with the help of the National Medicos Organization and Seva Bharti NGO. 

Dr. Urvija Jain conducting camps with the help of National Medicos Organiztion and Seva Bharti NGO.
Dr. Urvija Jain conducting camps with the help of National Medicos Organiztion and Seva Bharti NGO.

Dr.Nidhi Arora: Can you share your approach  to handling patients who experience dental anxiety or fear?

Dr. Urvija Jain: Dental anxiety is usually encountered in every other patient. They hesitate to open their mouth; they have a fear of getting any trauma inside the mouth through any instrument.

The solution for this is, again, as I mentioned earlier, to make your patient comfortable in the clinical environment.

Explain the diagnosis, treatment, and number of settings. Show your patient some old videos of related treatments that your patient reviews. This would solve so many of your patients queries.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: What advice would you give to individuals who want to maintain good oral health and prevent dental issues?

Dr. Urvija Jain: A good piece of advice would be to try to get your checkup done twice a year. Prevention is better than cure. So if a diagnosis is made at an early stage, so is the treatment. Treatment done at an early stage is always beneficial and economical for the patient. A regular checkup is the key. Brushing twice a day. Discard your tooth brush every month or if the bristles flare up. Use of floss and mouthwash. And stay connected to your dentist.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: You work with Apollo Hospital, an organization, and your own clinic at Usha Rani Dental and Aesthetic Clinic, so could you elaborate or discuss the difference when you do the same practice at your own clinic?

Dr. Urvija Jain: See, when you work with an organization, you work with a team; there is teamwork, and one can rely on them. And in your own private clinic, you have one-on-one interactions with patients, and you are solely responsible for patient care.

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