Discussion Hub - Orientation

The Discussion Hub Orientation was conducted on 2nd May through a Zoom call.
Discussion Hub - Orientation

Name of the Event: Discussion Hub - Orientation

Date of the Event: 2nd May at 5:00 PM IST

No. of Attendees: 8

The Discussion Orientation was conducted on 2nd May through a Zoom call. The Discussion Hub is a six-week remote internship program for medical and healthcare students all over the world.

Dr. Munmun Rai, Medical Officer at MedBound, started the event with a brief introduction. She also introduced Subha Maheshwari, Program Coordinator at MedBound.

The event started with an introductory round of all the participants who would be enrolled in the Discussion Hub internship.

The interns were first oriented about the procedure of making a Bound. The first bound would include the name, area of interest, education, and MIP joining date of the intern. It is very important for an intern to mention their area of interest as discussions would be conducted on topics related to their area of interest.

The interns were then given a framework for their internship. The most important component of the Discussion forum internship will be the discussion forum. Interns will be given a common topic where they will have to speak in favor or against the topic. There will also be a webinar carried out by experts where interns can ask various questions about topics based on their interests.

The interns will also have to make a bound or comment their opinions on various articles published on the MedBound Times website. The interns will have to attend assessment tests and quizzes on a daily and weekly basis. The links for those will be provided. Interns were also instructed to follow MedBound from all social media platforms.

The interns were then instructed to attempt the live 'Game Zone Quiz.' They were also told to be active on the MedBound app by regularly posting any interesting insights about their lives.

The interns were then introduced to the MedBound List. MedBound List is a platform that provides users with a CV-building platform where they can make a CV for free. The orientation concluded by answering some of the queries of interns.

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