Campus life at Semmelweis University: Zoubeir Badulla

More emphasis on practical training is given at Semmelweis University- Zoubeir Badulla
Zubair badulla with classmates
Zubair badulla with classmates

Welcome to our exploration of campus life. In this interview, we engage in meaningful conversations with Zoubeir Badulla to delve into the heart of campus life.

Let's Take a Look at Zoubeir Badulla's Campus Life. He is a Semmelweis University MBBS student.

Parul Soni: Tell me something about campus life at Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

Zoubeir Badulla: The active student life at Semmelweis University is well-known. Students have many possibilities to join in many cultural, sporting, and social activities, starting with the Freshers' Camp and continuing through the Semmelweis Spring Festival. Semmelweis University is guaranteeing that the time here is unforgettable for the students.

Parul Soni: Are there any exchange programs?

Zubair Badulla: Thanks to the Semmelweis University's significant international ties, students have access to a wide variety of exchange programs in Europe and beyond. Students have a wide range of international universities to choose from within the scope of the well-known ERASMUS+ program.

Parul Soni: What is the role of the Student Union in the Semmelweis University?

Zoubeir Badulla: The Semmelweis University Student Union, which also plans numerous events throughout the year, coordinates the activities of the faculty-student unions. There are many situations where Hungarian students are helping international students who are new to the country.

Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

Parul Soni: How is the quality of education?

Zoubeir Badulla: One of the greatest in Europe, this organization emphasizes practical knowledge. In our first year, we have already begun studying sutures and visiting operating rooms.

Parul Soni: How is the food there, how are you adjusting to the new language?

Zoubeir Badulla: We have a well-stocked cafeteria, therefore the food is fantastic here. Language learning is still in its early stages, but we primarily speak English, and the teachers speak both English and the local tongue.

Zubair badulla with classmates
MedSight - Zoubeir Badulla

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