MedBound Times is a media vertical of MedBound - a socio-educational platform for medicos. It offers a variety of features like quiz/exam modules, internships, and gamification modules that enrich the professional lives of the users.

Some positions for Internship are available at MedBoundTimes

1. Medical Writer Pro bono Internship for healthcare Graduates!

Duration: 2 Months

Work on Health topics & Medical journalism

Interview Healthcare experts and Clinicians for DocScopy

2.Medical Writer Pro bono Internship for psychology Students and Professionals!

Duration: 2 Months

Work on Mental Health topics & Awareness

Interview Mental Health experts & Therapists

Other Responsibilities Include:

1. Create and publish content (news and articles) related to health sciences and medical sciences (including wellness, nutrition, and biotechnology)

2. Publish wires

3. Post & engage on social media handles

How to Apply?

Internship Opportunities: Please send us your resume to