MedBound Times is a media vertical of MedBound - a socio-educational platform for medicos. It offers a variety of features like quiz/exam modules, internships, and gamification modules that enrich the professional lives of the users.

Some positions for Remote/Part-time Internship are available at MedBoundTimes

1. Medical Writer Pro bono Internship for healthcare Graduates

Duration: 3 Months

Work on Health topics & Medical journalism

Interview Healthcare experts and Clinicians for DocScopy

2.Medical Writer Pro bono Internship for psychology Students and Professionals!

Duration: 3 Months

Work on Mental Health topics & Awareness

Interview Mental Health experts & Therapists

Other Responsibilities Include:

1. Create and publish content (news and articles) related to health sciences and medical sciences (including wellness, nutrition, and biotechnology)

2. Publish wires

3. Post & engage on social media handles

How to Apply?

Internship Opportunities: Please send us your resume to

Attendance Sheet Form for Pro Bono orientation session: