MGIMS- Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences

MGIMS is a premium medical institute known for its rural ambience and a strong link to Gandhian philosophy
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical SciencesWikimedia commons
  1. Name of the College/Institute: MGIMS [Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences]

  2. Logo/motto: सत्य- धर्मं -प्रेम

  3. Affiliated to which university: MUHS, Nasik

  4. Location: MGIMS, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra, PIN: 442102, India

  5. Website link:

  6. Twitter Handle: @_mgims

  7. FB page: Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences

  8. LinkedIn page: MGIMS (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences)

  9. Ph: +91 7152 284341-55 

  10. Email :

  11. Nearest big cities: Wardha 10 KM, Nagpur 80 KM

  12. Nearest airport/railway station: Nagpur (80 KM) 

  13. Courses offered:

Name of the course(s) and number of seats:


  • Name of the course: MBBS

  • Number of seats per year: 100 


  • Name the course(s): Various MDs and postgraduate diplomas

  • Number of seats: Variable 

  1. Admission Criteria: NEET UG

  2. Famous/well known for: Gandhian philosophy

Some Random Points about MGIMS....

1. MGIMS is a premium medical institute known for its rural ambience and a strong link to Gandhian philosophy.

  • The Medical College was established in 1969, but it has its origin dating back to the 1930s when Mahatma Gandhi actually resided in Sevagram Ashram.

  • Dr. Sushila Nayar, sister of Mr Pyarelal Nayar who was the contemporary secretary of Mahatma Gandhiji, had started the "Kasturba Dispensary". Post Independence, in the year 1950, when Dr Sushila Nayar was appointed as the Union Health Minister, this small health establishment was transformed into a Medical College. 

  • The college is situated barely 3 KM from Sevagram Ashram.

Sevagram Ashram
Sevagram Ashram
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
NDCH - a center of learning and transformation

2. Initially, for several years, the admission test [Pre-Medical Test (PMT)]-  for MGIMS was conducted along with the entrance exam of AIIMS, India.

  • Later on, the process became separate. Along with papers for Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB), an additional paper of Gandhian philosophy used to be a hallmark of the Pre-Medical Test (PMT). It was compulsory to pass this test, lest you be disqualified. 

  • Now MGIMS grants admission based upon NEET UG.

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
The Journey from India to Michigan: Dr. Pasupuleti (Part 1)

3. MGIMS is well known for imparting medical education with strong emphasis on Gandhian teachings. Since the institute is located in rural areas, the medical students get to imbibe the social aspects of Medicine in that regard.

  • Every Friday evening, the medical faculty, doctors, medical students assemble in the common hall and offer "Sarva-Dharma" prayers - a tradition that was set by Gandhiji in his Sevagram Ashram and carried on by Dr Sushila Nayar in the medical institute as a Director. Even though Dr Nayar is no more, the legacy continues.

Sevagram Ashram
Sevagram Ashram
  • Simple living and high thinking seamlessly becomes an ingredient of education and life in MGIMS campus. The tone is set at the outset when newly admitted medical students attend a 15 days mandatory orientation camp in Sevagram Ashram. During these 15 days, students live in dormitories, attend morning prayers, yoga sessions, "Shramdaan" and community breakfast. 

  • It may sound surprising to many, but even today you will see senior faculty voluntarily wearing khadi clothes

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Interview with Dr Abhinav Singh - The Awakening Of Sleep(Part -1)

4. The department of Community Medicine has always been a strong feature of medical education. 2-3 months into first year, students are allotted a village -

  • A 2 weeks village camp is setup where students reside and each student is allotted a few families.

  • Students get to spend time with the local families doing tasks such as taking social, family and medical history (under the guidance of seniors/doctors).

  • Also, health check up camps are held these days, so the students get all the family members Examined. This familial responsibility continues for next 4 and ½ years in the form of monthly visits to the villages (conducted by Dept of Comm. Med), until they graduate.

    MGIMS alumni are spread across the globe enhancing the prestige and reputation of the institute.

As told by MGIMS Alumnus [Admission Batch - 1985] - Dr. Munish Raizada, MD, USA

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