Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Karnataka, India

Services for the society's underprivileged people.
Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Raichur, Karnataka, India
Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Raichur, Karnataka, IndiaNisarga R

Name of the Institute : Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

Year of established : 2006

Courses offered : MBBS, MD, BDS, MDS, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Engineering.

Eligibility criteria : NEET (UG) for bachelor degree and NEET(PG) for masters

Location : Ashok Nagar , Raichur 584103 – Karnataka


Instagram page : @navodayaeducationtrust

Twitter account : @NetRaichur

Email :

Phone : +91 8532 223448/9, 223234, 223361

Fax : +91 8532 223070

Navodaya Education Trust is the testimony of dreams associated with betterment of society. Established in a time when education was a reckoned service, the trust aims to bring social and economic changes through the proactive personal development of every student.

Navodaya Dental College, one of the well-reputed institutions of Navodaya Education Trust, Raichur was started in the year 2006-2007.

Founder of the Navodaya Education Trust

Shri. S.R. Reddy, Chairman of Navodaya Education Trust is a pioneer, a social reformer, and an entrepreneur who believes that education need not know any boundaries of growth.

He founded the Navodaya Education Trust in 1992 to further his vision of forming young minds through high-quality education.

The Campus of Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

The campus of Navodaya Education Trust provides many possibilities, which is their motto. The campus provides many facilities for students to grow and integrate the culture of curiosity and learning. The campus contains a medical college, hospital, research center, dental college and hospital, physiotherapy college, nursing college, B.Ed. college, pharmacy college, and engineering college. Also provides banking (SBI Bank).

Facilities in Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

Campus of Navodaya Dental College and Hospital
Campus of Navodaya Dental College and HospitalNisarga R

The newly established state-of-the-art Central Library is one of them, occupies a place of pride in Navodaya, and is an essential component of the institute’s quality research and education mission. It is one of the campus's most beautiful locations, offering a secure, cozy, and welcoming setting that fosters learning and knowledge expansion as well as new learning and the finding of new things.

There are enough animals in the Central Animal House to facilitate research activities, including Albino rats, Albino rabbits, Albino mice, and Guinea pigs. The Ministry of Environment & Forests, the Government of India, and the Centre for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiment on Animals (CPCSEA), Chennai, gave their approval for the Central Animal House.

College also provides skill labs for basic life support training and pre-clinical labs for preparing the students for building confidence in clinical practice.

Club Activities of Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

Culture day (2022)
Culture day (2022)Nisarga R

Navodaya provides an excellent platform for students to nurture their interests, providing opportunities to like-minded students on campus. Clubs and associations are constituted on the campus for organizing the kind of events that will help them bloom their leadership qualities.

The institution is equipped to host both indoor and outdoor sporting events. The college features thoughtfully built and well-planned sport-specific playgrounds for hosting a variety of outdoor games, including badminton, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and more. Games at the intercollege, regional, and national levels are strongly promoted.

Sports Day (2022)
Sports Day (2022)Nisarga R

Annually, an event is conducted with cultural activities like dancing, singing, sports activities, and much more.

Co-curriculum in Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

The college conducts diverse programs starting with simple and culturally related days like ethnic day to scientific ones like an oral and maxillofacial day. They encourage students to come up with their ideas to organize the programs.

Oral checkup camp
Oral checkup campNisarga R

They also conduct annual dental education program which helps the students to understand the advancements in the field. Frequent camps with free oral checkup for all irrespective of their social standing is organized.

Some of the information is taken from the official website of Navodaya Dental College and Hospital

(By Nisarga R, 3rd Year BDS student at Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Raichur, Karnataka, India)

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Navodaya Dental College and Hospital, Raichur, Karnataka, India
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