Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics - Panjab University, Chandigarh, India

Panjab University is one of the ancient universities in India [established in 1882]
Panjab University
Panjab UniversityImage: Wikimedia commons

One of India's oldest universities, the University of Panjab, was established in Lahore in 1882 and moved to Chandigarh after the country's independence. The university has a long history of pursuing excellence in research and teaching, scholarship, and supporting quality and innovation in academic programs. Over the years, Panjab University has grown in recognition as one of the top conglomerates in revolutionary education, research, and network outreach.

The prestigious campus of Panjab University came-up with new emerging fields i.e. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics under one umbrella in the year 2005. I have also done my post-graduation degree from the Department of Bioinformatics which is in the new line of action named as Center for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics.

The detailed information of the department is as follows:

1.   Name of the College/Institute: Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, Panjab University, Chandigarh

2.   Location: Centre for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics (U.I.E.A.S.T.), South Campus, Block 3, Panjab University, Sector 25, Chandigarh, U.T. - 160014

3. Website link:

5.   Email:

6.   Nearest airport/railway station: Chandigarh (13km)

7.   Courses offered:

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

Ph.D Bioinformatics

8. Admission Criteria:

M.Sc. Bioinformatics: O-CET to be conducted by the Panjab University

Ph.D. Bioinformatics: As per university regulations, admission to the Ph.D. program is based on the results of an entrance exam administered by Panjab University, CSIR, UGC, ICMR, GATE, or any other equivalent exam

9. Major Highlights of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

High-end computer laboratory comprises of software's such as FlexX; SPSS, MATLAB and STATISTICA

The SBB library has one of the best collections of books on molecular biology, basic genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, system biology, proteomics, mathematics, statistics, molecular modelling, computational cell biology, and drug designing.

Facts that will blow your mind

  1. Dr. Manmohan Singh (Former Prime Minister); Kalpana Chawla (First Indian Woman To Go To Space); Late Sushma Swaraj (Former Foreign Minister), Yuvraj Singh (Cricketer) Kiran Bedi (Former IPS & former LG Delhi) and lots of more are alumni’s of Panjab University

  2. The information would no longer be complete without mentioning our favorite, quiet place where we used to go to relax and read books of our interest. 'AC Joshi Library', a very famous library at Panjab University, the library, in its new campus, was formally inaugurated in 1963 by the Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Ji.

AC Joshi Library, Panjab University
AC Joshi Library, Panjab UniversityImage: Wikimedia commons

The five-floor building has fundamental studying halls facing the Shivalik Hills with a panoramic view of the natural environment.

The library building is centrally air-conditioned with a huge seating area.
The library building is centrally air-conditioned with a huge seating area.Neetu Jabalia

The library building is centrally air-conditioned and outfitted with computer systems and communication network houses, houses over six million volumes, and has a large seating area.

 3. It is a lot of fun when Panjab University organizes Youth Festival. The theme of the festival varies every year. Students of Panjab University and all the colleges affiliated with Panjab University take part in it.

The competition includes Bhajan, group song and instrumental (Indian), Ghazal, folk instrument, etc. Students also compete in various events related to art including collage making, rangoli, poster making, still-life drawing, etc.

4. ‘Panjab University campus students council’ elections are also a very exciting experience for the students studying on the campus. The student union consists of departmental representatives and other office bearers like the president, vice president, secretary, and joint secretary. Elections are also held in most of the colleges in Chandigarh which are affiliated with Panjab University. Parties should overcome regional and language barriers to students as the university has students from different parts of India.

5. We are all quite aware of the importance of teachers in our lives. There are times when a certain teacher has a significant impact on us because of certain qualities that he or she possesses. One of the outstanding professors in our department, "Dr. Veena Puri," inspired me because of her dedication to teaching, passion for research  and exceptional capacity to treat every student equally. Still today she is my inspiration to work hard and achieve my goals.

6.  I recall that when we use to go to The Students’ Centre (Stu-C), our favorite hot spot on the campus.

Students’ Centre or ‘Stu-C’ at the Panjab University campus
Students’ Centre or ‘Stu-C’ at the Panjab University campusImage: Wikimedia commons

Built-in the late Sixties, the center is a very famous circular shape changed into design by Le Corbusier, the French founder architect of Chandigarh.

Stu-C building has more than one eateries which serves all sorts of avenue food and drink
Stu-C building has more than one eateries which serves all sorts of avenue food and drinkNeetu Jabalia

The Stu-C building itself is home to a vintage Coffee House, workplaces of the Students Council, and more than one eateries. The adjacent stores serve all sorts of avenue food and drink – from lemonade, espresso, and shakes to noodles, kadhi rice, channa bhatura, etc.

Some of the information is taken from the official website of Centre for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

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