First doctor in a Conservative family: An account of award-winning Pediatrician Dr. Rakesh Jora

An account of the conversation between Dr. Rakesh Jora, Professor, and Senior Pediatrician, and MedBound Times
 I am from a conservative Soni/Swarnkar family (traditional goldsmiths) - Dr. Rakesh Jora
I am from a conservative Soni/Swarnkar family (traditional goldsmiths) - Dr. Rakesh Jora

Welcome to another section of DocScopy, MedBound Times was fortunate enough to have an Uplifting conversation with one of the most humble and respected personalities in the Healthcare field, Dr. Rakesh Jora.

Let's see what Dr. Jora has to say about his journey from being an Intelligent boy in a middle-class family to being a successful senior Pediatrician in Jodhpur through the conversation between Dr. Rakesh Jora and MedBound Times [Dr. Aarti Nehra and Parul Soni].

Parul: Sir, please tell us about your life and professional journey.

Dr. Jora: Hello I am Dr. Rakesh Jora born and brought up in Bikaner, Rajasthan. I belong to a middle-class family; it was my father's dream that I become a doctor. I am from a conservative Soni family (traditional goldsmiths). My father urged me to take this medical path although I wanted to become an engineer. I did my schooling at Fort Higher Secondary School (School year 1982). After that I studied at Dungar College, Bikaner, India (1983). I completed MBBS from SP Medical College, Bikaner, India (batch: 1984), I pursued MD (PEDIATRICS) from SP Medical College, Bikaner after that.

With several years of clinical experience, I am one of the senior pediatricians in Jodhpur Rajasthan. At present I am a Senior Professor, Pediatrics at Umaid Hospital and Dr. S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur Rajasthan, India. Precisely it has been 25 years of my journey, I have got many accolades and scholarships, fellowships in my career. I went to Chicago for a prestigious fellowship where Dr. Munish was generous enough to welcome me to his house. He was a great host, and I had a memorable time there. I am also very active in the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. I have been chosen as an Executive of Indian Academy of Pediatrics two times, in 2018 as well as in 2020. I have 50-60 National and International publications in my kitty.

Dr. Aarti: How is Pediatric practice in Rajasthan?

Dr. Jora: The practice is good here; you can work in a medical college and start your private practice in Rajasthan unlike other states. In Rajasthan, faculty jobs were considered glamorous in my time. With the grace of God, I started as an assistant professor in S.N. Medical College in 1998. My journey has been good, I got steady promotions. In 2010, I became an associate professor. I became a professor in 2015. In 2017, I became a senior professor in pediatrics. For a long time, I have been a thesis guide and co- guide for postgraduate students. I am an examiner in DNB (Diplomate of National Board, a 3-year course equivalent to Pot-doctoral programs).

Parul: What is the passion that drives you daily to be the personality you are today?

Dr. Jora: (Laughs) My friends jokingly told me how you can bear to understand the problems of the ones who can't say anything about their own symptoms. They compare me to a veterinarian! Jokes apart, when you treat a child, the satisfaction and relief on the parent's faces is invaluable.

Especially in neonatology, when you treat a sick infant or revive an infant during an emergency, it gives me immense satisfaction that I have done something good! Something worthwhile!
Dr. Rakesh Jora, MD Pediatrics
Neonatology Unit
Neonatology UnitUnsplash

Dr. Aarti: Are you doing Clinical private practice?

Dr. Jora: Yes, I still do private practice at my place after I come back from the medical college, my evenings are packed too.

Dr. Aarti: What are the common challenges you face as a clinician in this profession?

Dr. Jora: The belief of the patients is a fickle thing now. Back in my time the patients used to believe and follow all the instructions we gave regarding patients. Now everyone is super aware and the belief in doctors is now almost gone. Because of google, everyone wants instant results and now people change doctors frequently.

Dr. Aarti: Any case you remember that has left an impression on your life?

Dr. Jora: A miracle case, I remember a case in my 3rd year PG. A case of birth asphyxia came to us, these cases are crucial. The baby was saved but we suspected a mild mental deficit. That infant stayed in hospital for about a month, we took care of the baby with every resource we had. The father was always so courteous to us that we have saved his child, he will accept the child with any deficit. But the child was somehow normal both physically and mentally! I will remember this all my life. Another thing is that families have come to me for two generations and the amount of respect I got is incomparable.

Dr. Jora with his family
Dr. Jora with his family

When I heard that the child I revived is neurologically normal, I experienced what you say in Hindi, "Aatmik Shanti!"

Dr. Rakesh Jora, MD Pediatrics

 There have been many changes and upgrades in the techniques and technologies like ventilators, new vaccines - Dr. Jora
There have been many changes and upgrades in the techniques and technologies like ventilators, new vaccines - Dr. JoraUnsplash

Parul: What is the difference between the medical practice then and the medical practice now in pediatrics?

Dr. Jora: There is a lot of difference between the two times. There have been many changes and upgrades in the techniques and technologies like ventilators, new vaccines. The revolution has saved many lives now! The vaccines like pneumonia, Rota virus, MMR etc. At my time, the deliveries were done at home mostly, now people are well aware.

Dr. Rakesh Jora during a cricket match with his colleagues
Dr. Rakesh Jora during a cricket match with his colleagues

Parul: Sir, is there any incident which has left any disappointment?

Dr. Jora: Whatever I have got in my life I am very much satisfied. I accept and own all the failures. I work towards improving myself at this age too.

Parul: Sir, some lighthearted questions now! What will you eat all year round?

Dr. Jora: I am a Dal roti chawal person, nothing Fancy!

Dr. Aarti: If your life was a movie what would you name it?

Dr. Jora: Some movie of a Cricketer or Amitabh Bachchan. I used to play with the college team. I love his dialogue from the movie Shahenshah, "Rishte mein toh hum tumhare baap lagte hai naam hai Shahenshah"

Dr. Aarti: And finally, what message would you like to give to today's youth?

Dr. Jora: Work hard, always be sincere towards your work and respect your teachers and parents.

MedBoundTimes is extremely grateful to Dr. Rakesh Jora for sparing his time and talking to us.

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