Holistic Medicine Practiced by Renowned Urologist- Dr. Nick Shroff

An account of the conversation between Dr. Nick Shroff, practicing Urologist and MedBoundTimes
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, Urology, USA
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, Urology, USA

Welcome to another section of DocScopy, let us walk you through the Life journey & experiences of Dr. Nick Shroff.

Through this discussion between MedBoundTimes [MBT] and Dr. Nick Shroff, Let us Know Dr. Shroff's opinion on Holistic Medicine and its impact on health outcomes

Dr. Nick Shroff is a Texas, USA based urologist, cancer surgeon, healthcare consultant, and yoga alliance teacher. Incorporating traditional, modern medical skills and experiences, he has practiced Western/Allopathic medicine for over 45 years. His philosophy embraces a combination of yoga, conscious breathing, and holistic living to improve health and well-being.

MBT: Tell us something about your life and professional journey. Who or what inspired your career in medicine?

Dr. Shroff: I was exposed to medicine and healing early in my life by my father, who was a physician. Growing up in a physician’s home, I had the excellent opportunity to observe and understand first-hand treatment modalities for varied illnesses.

MBT: What are you doing currently?

Dr. Shroff: My approach to health practice is primarily holistic, and I have taken that approach in my practice and volunteer work. I teach yoga and breathing techniques as a complement to modern medicine. I coordinate various innovative community programs and wellness education and help under served people, particularly in health camps and health fairs. I find this very rewarding because this helps combat diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases.

Helping others lead a healthy and productive life is truly inspiring and fulfilling
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, USA

I write Continuing Medical Education (CME) articles for Healthcare Professionals (e.g., for the TX medical association and various yoga magazines).

Some topics I have covered are:

  • Pillars for Healthy Living-Journey to Holistic Health, Well-being, and Healing incorporating Yoga

  • Stress-Relieving Breathing Techniques

  • Voluntary Intermittent Breath-Hold Practices

  • Project ECHO: Moving lifesaving COVID-19 Knowledge where it is needed most

  • Nocturia, an overlooked cause of sleep-disordered breathing

  • Yoga for better breathing & Sleep: Eastern insight complements modern science

  • Yoga for Creative/sexual energy

  • Yoga & Exercise Related Injuries-causes, prevention & Rx

  • Science of Chakra, guided Meditation

Dr. Nick Shroff with Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy
Dr. Nick Shroff with Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy

MBT: What are your passion(s) in your practice?

Dr. Shroff: What I like most about this great profession is my ability to help others recover from illness and attain their full potential.  I started the American Prostate Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps patients, especially those in financial need, access advanced technologies to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. I also conducted Prostate Cancer Screening Clinics for under insured and low-income people from 1991-2006.

MBT: What do you do in your leisure time?

Dr. Shroff: My extracurricular activities include competitive swimming, golf, and playing billiards in the league. I have played pickleball since I quit playing racquetball.

MBT: Tell us some interesting clinical cases/situations/events that have left an impression on you. Or some unforgettable cases/events/incidences

Dr. Shroff: On a personal level, several family members (including parents, wife, cousins, and friends) have been plagued with cancer and its after-effects. I feel incredibly grateful to have rendered help and touched the lives of so many friends and family.

My mother was afflicted with cancer at the young age of 38, and I was tender at 13. This was my first experience with cancer, her going from what seemed to me at the time a "normal, healthy" person to being depressed and sick, then surgery followed by Radiation treatment. (Gradually, even with advanced cancer, she appeared mentally healthy and faced adversity with serenity amidst life’s harsh realities. She uncovered the strength to face challenges by focusing on her mind, body, and spirit until her last breath at age 67.) As a 13-year-old, this was a difficult time. I was immediately conditioned to believe that's what happens when people get cancer.

The second time I had a direct experience with cancer was when I was around 25 years old.  I was already immersed in the health field, having overcome most of my mental/emotional, and physical health challenges by that point - but I knew little about cancer. My uncle had cancer, but he became sick and weak, experienced pain, and then passed away despite treatment.

But this time, my training told me there had to be a better way. So I became obsessed with learning about complementing cancer management with traditional medical knowledge. I did a Urology residency and fellowship in cancer. I  interviewed hundreds of cancer experts, researchers, and authors about cancer and healthy lifestyle choices, sharing cutting-edge information to take control of health.

I also spent thousands of hours with cancer survivors to learn ways people can choose that give a chance of hope and healing without all the painful side effects. There is a ton of misinformation about weight gain, mood swings, and everything else about health. Busting these myths we need to learn how to balance ourselves and live a healthy and vibrant life. But what's exciting is that over the past several years, numerous online summits, conferences, magazines, documentaries, and video series - about solutions for preventing and reversing cancer have been available.

Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, Urology, USA
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I discovered cancer is not a death sentence. Thousands of people have reversed cancer.  Here's what I found: The more you understand cancer, and the more you hear from people who have controlled their cancer, the less you fear it.

Due to so much noise and nonsense, confusion, and misinformation in the world today about cancer, I decided to create a website and an online club open to anyone who wants to learn more about preventing and reversing cancer and put all of my best interviews and best work inside, along with new content and new teachings periodically to help as many people as possible learn how it's genuinely possible to heal - and it's called the Health and Healing Club

 With my background in conventional/modern medicine, yoga since my medical school days, and participation in sports, exercise & wellness for several decades, I feel qualified to share my expertise. The current landscape is much stronger, but the gaps from healthcare to our respective areas are where people need people with varied backgrounds that include all aspects of lifestyle medicine. Fitness understanding is essential due to the sarcopenic impact of cancer, its treatments, medications, sedentary behavior, etc., diet restriction will not work long-term, so this needs a behavior change.

I feel fortunate to have been chosen for this path of service. I hope to preserve this vision facing multiple hurdles, having already crossed several milestones.
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, USA

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992. Because of my medical background, I actively managed his cancer. He gradually felt physically and emotionally stronger with both conventional treatment and contemporary medicine. With mind and body empowerment, he gracefully lived 12 more years and passed away at age 90. My wife, mother-in-law, cousins, and uncles were burdened with cancer.

 These personal events prompted me to want to provide extraordinary care for family, friends, and patients and find ways to prevent and beat the malady. With information amassed from over 100 interviews with colleagues, medical experts, researchers, doctors, scientists, and clinicians worldwide, I evaluated various choices. For decades I have been on a quest to answer a set of increasingly urgent questions: How can yoga help more people, especially older ones, to thrive? With so many living so much longer, what do the increasing years beyond 50 mean? How do we enjoy good health and find happiness when we know life is long and time is short?  In this personal account of the lessons I learned on this journey, many friends, patients, and mentors have supported me and generously assisted my transformation from a younger person to an older one.

MBT: What are the most common or challenging situations in your practice?

Dr. Shroff: Millions of people with cancer are unaware that they have options when it comes to treatment. Patients often care more about their lifestyle if their physician advocates it as a top priority. Healthcare professionals who prioritize a healthy lifestyle and holistic medicine are prone to counsel their patients about nutrition and physical activity, as described in my writings and teachings. This book may stir up some controversy. I encourage you to share your opinions and experiences in the comments below. Robust dialogue can make us all wiser and healthier. Together we can make a difference and save lives.

Millions of people with cancer are unaware that they have options when it comes to treatment.
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, USA

To encourage lifestyle changes, team effort and motivational interviewing can be used as catalysts for persuasion. Many patients have complex issues that empowered referrals could improve. Rather than transform everything at once, a helpful strategy is to engage patients in identifying which aspect of their treatment they are ready to tackle. Physicians use motivational interviewing to encourage patients to think and speak positively about change. For example, physicians should ask patients about their interest in changing their diet and exercise practices, followed by active listening.

MBT: As we all know healthcare can be a challenging field as it has its ups and downs, so what is the driving force that keeps you motivated?

Dr. Shroff: During this transformational journey, I connected with many like-minded people. It is a pleasure to share extraordinary and challenging accomplishments that have been possible only with support, encouragement, and divine blessings.  I feel fortunate to have been chosen for this path of service. I hope to preserve this vision facing multiple hurdles, having already crossed several milestones.

My philosophy is based on this simple belief: Teach Only Love. For That Is What You Are.
Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, USA

I am motivated to enhance cancer awareness and am interested in presenting my experiences. I am grateful that my education and training have culminated in the opportunity to present my thoughts. Four decades of medical practice, formal education in some of the best universities, and feedback from thousands of patients and friends all contributed to this effort. Access to a community of like-minded peers has fortified this exhilarating ride of combining yoga with creativity by providing benefits to patients with many types of cancer. My philosophy is based on this simple belief: Teach Only Love. For That Is What You Are.

MBT: What is your message /advice for budding doctors/allied professionals?

Dr. Shroff: Join the ranks of those who live what they teach and walk their talk

MedBoundTimes is extremely grateful to Dr. Nick Shroff for taking out the time and interacting with us

Dr. Nick Shroff, MD, Urology, USA
Med-Teacher - Dr. Rakesh Jora, MD

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