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Muskan Chadha, BSc Home Science, MSc Food and Nutrition, Pursuing Ph.D. Nutrition and Dietetics
Muskan Chadha, BSc Home Science, MSc Food and Nutrition, Pursuing Ph.D. Nutrition and Dietetics

Name: Muskan Chadha

Educational Qualifications: Pursuing Ph.D. Nutrition and Dietetics from Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh, India (2022-2025)

MSc Food and Nutrition from Amity University, Noida, India (2018-2020)

BSc Home Science from Delhi University, India (2015-2018)

Current Position: Ph.D. Scholar & Teaching Assistant

  1. Where are you working currently?

    Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh, India

  2. What are your areas of interest within your profession? 

    Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Science, Food Technology, Food Microbiology

  3. Things that you are passionate about concerning the clinical/research/current aspects of your profession: 

    Food product development and Nutritional Counseling

  4. What made you choose teaching or mentoring as a profession?  

    To share and gain knowledge as well as inspire future generations.

  5. According to your experience, what is more important: getting good scores or acquiring knowledge? 

    Acquiring knowledge

  6. Any 3 topics/subjects that you like the most: 

    - Therapeutic Nutrition and Diet planning

    - Food Microbiology

    - Food product development

  7. Any 3 topics/subjects that you dislike/ detest the most: 

    - Food forensic

    - Statistics

    - Biochemistry

  8. What are your fields of interest in Research/clinical practice?  

    New Food product development, probiotics, synbiotics, prebiotics, food microbiology

  9. What are your career goals or expectations? 

    Assistant professor or Senior Nutritionist

  10. What would you be doing if not for the current profession?

    Art and Craft

  11. What do you like to do in your leisure time?

    Binge-watch web series

  12. What change would you like to bring about in the Education sector?
    Teaching should be for gaining knowledge, not just to gain marks, the introduction of research aptitude from a younger age for new developments and research. Practical learning methods should be included.

  13. What is your Mantra for success?
    Try to make it work. Don't give up as soon as you see the problem; try solving it, do various techniques, and find out the solutions.

  14. Who do you idolize and why?
    Dr. Karuna Singh, Associate Dean, Sharda School of Allied Health Sciences. I adore and respect her, and wish to be like her one day. She has been my mentor since my graduation days and still helps me in each step of career guidance.

  15. Who do you idolize and why?

    My supervisor and the patients.

  16. Kindly mention your achievements or awards:
    Baljeet Shastri Award from Amity University in M.Sc. Food And Nutrition (2018-2020)

    Best Oral Presenter Award in 'The Nutrition Symposium' held by UCSI University, Malaysia (29th March 2023)

  17. And finally, what message would you like to give to today's youth?

    Be patient enough; it will take a long journey to reach your goal, and always thrive for knowledge and research as that's what help you in the future. Never focus solely on small goals; instead, take small steps to reach higher limits. Always remember that you can do it, no matter what people say. If you work hard and smartly, everything is possible. 'Be proud and love yourself.'


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