Beat The Heat With Rehydrating Summer Drinks

With the fun summer times, also come the possibilities of heat stroke, skin rashes, and most importantly dehydration.
Water is the best source of Hydration.
(Representational image: Unsplash)
Water is the best source of Hydration. (Representational image: Unsplash)

The warmest Season of the year is here! The calming beach evenings, children gleefully playing in the park, delightful sights, frozen desserts, and fresh ripened fruits bring back the happy and carefree times of life.

But with the fun summer times, also comes the possibilities of heat stroke, skin rashes, and most importantly dehydration.

Dehydration is caused by not drinking enough fluid or by losing more fluid than you take it. Fluid is lost through sweat, tears, vomiting, urine, or diarrhea.

Symptoms of Dehydration

  • Tiredness /fatigue.

  • Dizziness, weakness, and lightheadedness.

  • Dry mouth and/or a dry cough.

  • Fluctuations in blood pressure.

  • Loss of appetite but maybe craving sugar

  • Flushed (red) skin.

  • Swollen feet.

  • Yellow urine

  • Diarrhea

  • Stomach ache

Hydration is important for the brain, muscles, organs, and systems to work at their best. Water is the best source of hydration. However, plain water sometimes lacks flavor, which keeps people from drinking enough. Juices, shakes, smoothies, and other beverages are good ways to supplement water.

Here are some of the best summer flavourful drinks to beat the summer heat:


Lemon juice is made by blending some fresh lemon juice and water with a pinch of salt and sugar. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C. It not only boosts energy but also secrete digestive juices, thereby preventing indigestion.

Lemon juice is a good source of vitamins. (Pixabay)
Lemon juice is a good source of vitamins. (Pixabay)


Buttermilk is one of the simplest and most effective ways of cooling your body. It can be made by diluting curd and then adding spices like roasted cumin, salt, green chilies, curry leaves to flavor it. Curd is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B12, and potassium.

He who uses takra (buttermilk) daily does not suffer from diseases, and diseases cured by takra do not recur; just as amrita (divine nectar) is for the gods, takra is to humans.” – Bhavaprakasha* Chapter 6.7


Coconut water provides natural sugars and helps prevent stress and dehydration. Coconut water is a rich source of Potassium and Magnesium.

Coconut Water is a rich source of Potassium and magnesium. (Pixabay)
Coconut Water is a rich source of Potassium and magnesium. (Pixabay)


Chilled Watermelon juice mixed with a pinch of black salt instantly cools the body and provides relief. Watermelons are rich in fiber, aid in the process of digestion, and help flush out toxins.


Sugarcane juice is a universal favorite, especially in tropical climates where it grows. The juice when mixed with lemon, a pinch of salt, and mint leaves provides a refreshing taste and instant energy. It contains essential minerals and helps relieve stomach aches and constipation.

Sugarcane juice is a universal favorite in summer season. (Pixabay)
Sugarcane juice is a universal favorite in summer season. (Pixabay)


Wood apple juice is a natural coolant and keeps the body hydrated. To make this juice, break the wood apple and extract the pulp with seeds. soak it in water for at least half an hour. Mash the pulp till it completely dissolves and then add jaggery/sugar. Blend the mix and enjoy the refreshing juice. The fibrous nature of the wood apple helps in relieving Constipation.


This juice is made from Raw mangoes. Boil the mangoes and peel them to form a thick paste. Add jaggery powder, roasted cumin seeds, black pepper, and salt to enhance the taste. Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A and they also help in replenishing lost sodium through Perspiration.


Summer is the best time to have cucumber juice mixed with salt and water. The lime juice added to it can enhance the taste. Cucumber is a rich source of Vitamins K and C, and are made up of 95 percent water and hence, prevent dehydration. It relieves constipation, acting as a natural laxative.

To beat the summer heat, Priyanka Pandey BPT, MA sociology, Content writer Intern, at MedBound hosted a discussion on different choices of refreshing and hydrating drinks.

It received a few responses from a wide range of Professionals. Here are some contributions.

M Subha Maheswari, MSc Biotechnology prefers Buttermilk and Sweet Lemon juice to keep herself hydrated.

Susmita Bhandary, M.Pharm likes Nimbu pani (lemon juice) to keep herself refreshed.

Dr. Yogeetha VH, BDS said Butter Milk is her saviour to beat the heat.

Dr. Nirainila Joseph, BDS, MS likes Tender Coconut and Sugarcane Juice on hot summer days.

Himani Negi, Copy Editor MedBound likes Cold coffee and nimbu pani to cool herself from the scorching summer days.

Dr. Pragati Priya, BDS, mentioned her choice of having Cold Coffee on summer days.

Aniket Bakare, MBBS Student, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, likes nimbu pani as his refreshing drink.

Dr. G Sneha ,BDS favours aamras/mango juice on summer days.

Akashita Panjla, MSc Science and Technology likes Nimbu Pani as her refreshing drink.

Krisha Shah, BSc Biotechnology, likes sugarcane juice and buttermilk to refresh herself on a hot summer day.

Dr. Anjali KV, BDS, likes Lemon Juice as her refreshing drink.

The human body is made up of about 60 percent water on average. So, water is a very important part of our diet. It is recommended that humans drink an average of two liters of water a day. Stay hydrated this summer and protect yourself from the blazing sun.



By Priyanka Pandey