ClinicalTRACK - Dr. Maria Shaikh

Life of Dr. Maria Shaikh Challenges, Humor, and the Pursuit of Healing.
Dr. Maria Shaikh,
Dr. Maria Shaikh,

Name: Dr. Maria Shaikh (MedBound handle: @Dr. Maria Shaikh)

Birth Place: Mumbai, India

Academic Qualification: MBBS from Jiamusi University, China (Passout Year: 2018)

  1. What are you doing currently? How was your initial experience with clinical initiation, clinical rotations, or bedside learning? Could you share some humorous, peculiar, or unforgettable experiences you've had while working in a clinical ward? Feel free to recount any interesting incidents.

    I am currently working as a Medical Officer in an Occupational Health Centre in Mumbai. My initial experience in a 350+ bedded hospital was quite challenging. I was posted in the Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery department, working under the guidance of over 10 Cardiac Surgeons. It was a unique experience that provided me with valuable knowledge in the field.

    One unforgettable experience was when I was posted for Covid Duties during the initial phase of the pandemic. I worked in the Covid dedicated ward and ICU for over a year. During that time, I witnessed various cases, both recoveries and unfortunate deaths. Working in full PPE for extended hours without breaks was quite demanding.

  2. What are your thoughts on outpatient clinics (OPD) as an integral part of the medical profession? Do you find it enjoyable/challenging or dull and boring?

    OPDs are a crucial part of the medical profession. They offer the opportunity to directly interact with patients and gain in-depth details of their clinical issues. I find OPDs enjoyable as they provide valuable learning experiences under the guidance of experienced professionals.

  3. What are your thoughts on indoor/ward/floor duties in a hospital? Could you share what aspects you appreciate and what aspects you find challenging or dislike?

    Ward duties can be hectic, especially when hospitals assign only one doctor for a floor/ward. Handling multiple patient queries simultaneously can be challenging. However, building good relationships with floor nurses can lead to better cooperation.

  4. Could you describe your routine and activities when you are rounding on patients during your medical duties?

    During my patient rounds, I start by creating a list of my patients on all floors. Then, I visit each floor, check vitals charts, review medications, and assess any recent blood investigations. I personally meet patients to monitor their progress, provide counseling, and update the respective consultant on their status.

  5. What are some of your favorite procedures or activities that you enjoy while working in hospitals or outpatient clinics (OPDs)?

    One of my favorite activities is following up with patients in the OPD.

  6. What are some procedures or activities that you dislike or prefer to avoid while working in hospitals or outpatient clinics (OPDs)?

    I prefer to avoid working in an unhygienic setup without proper accessories and supplies.

  7. Can you describe your experience during your clinical rotations? What departments did you rotate through, and which one was your favorite(s)?

    I completed rotations in various departments, including Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery, ICU, Respiratory Medicine, Neurology, Nephrology, ENT, Interventional Radiology, Ophthalmology, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, and Covid dedicated ward and ICU. My favorite rotation was Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery, as it provided comprehensive training on dealing with cardiac surgery patients at all stages.

  8. What are some of the least favorite aspects or activities for you while on duty in a hospital?

    My least favorite aspect was having food inside the hospital.

  9. If you could change one aspect of how doctors and medical students work or operate in hospitals or outpatient clinics (OPDs), what would it be?

    I would emphasize the importance of discipline and honesty in the medical profession.

  10. How do you handle or perceive night calls/shifts? What is your take on In-house calls? How do you manage the food situation while you are on duty in the hospital or during your work shifts?

    I have experienced many night calls and even extended shifts lasting 48-72 hours. In a 24x7 healthcare setup, patient flow doesn't stop, so I'm always prepared to attend to patients, even at night. Regarding food, I usually order it from outside.

  11. How do you like to spend your leisure time when you're not working or on duty?

    In my leisure time, I focus on learning new skills, upskilling myself, and staying updated with current trends.

  12. What is something that you strongly dislike or find challenging?

    I strongly dislike the misconception that doctors have a monotonous and serious life. In reality, I enjoy activities like playing video games, cooking, traveling, and exploring new places. I'm also interested in entrepreneurship and freelancing.

  13. If you had the opportunity to choose an alternative specialty, career, or role at this point, what would you switch to? What factors or reasons would influence your decision? If you could choose any medical institution, place, or destination to work at, what would be your dream choice? What factors make it an appealing option for you?

    If given the opportunity, I would switch to entrepreneurship because I'm passionate about business and its potential to boost the economy and create employment opportunities.

    My dream choice for a medical institution would be Italy due to its top-notch healthcare setup and services.

  14. Could you describe your ideal workplace and the factors that make it desirable for you?

    My ideal workplace would allow me to work at my convenience, including offering online consultations. Flexibility and digital solutions for patient care would be key factors in making it desirable.

  15. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

    I'd like to emphasize that doctors can have diverse interests and a fulfilling personal life alongside their medical careers. I enjoy a wide range of activities and continue to expand my skill set.

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