Prosthodontics Decoded: Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori Delves into the Specialty

Transforming Labor into Artistry, Restoring Hope with each Smile
Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori , BDS, Daswani Dental College & Research Centre, Kota, Rajasthan, MDS (Prosthodontics), Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra
Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori , BDS, Daswani Dental College & Research Centre, Kota, Rajasthan, MDS (Prosthodontics), Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori, a distinguished prosthodontist based in Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, epitomizes a blend of dedication and expertise within the realm of dentistry. With a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from Daswani Dental College & Research Centre, Kota, Rajasthan, and a Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) specializing in Prosthodontics from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune, Dr. Mori brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice

 Dr. Nidhi Arora: Tell us what inspired you to pursue this specialty why prosthodontics?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Firstly I was very clear that I wanted to persuade clinical dentistry, so nonclinical was never my option and secondly during my internship I was trying to figure out in which branch I want to do my PG in I started talking to lot of to senior dentist I used to meet some frequently and observe there work, their practice and you can say few words of wisdom that I heard from them were newer advancements are coming in prosthodontics and there are multiple treatment options you can provide your patient with. When you choose a branch like prosthodontics it is vast, and it has multiple treatment plan option, and I am someone who likes to handle multiple things at time.  So yes, all these factors influenced me to go forward with doing PG in this branch.

Dr. Hileri Mori's Prosthodontic Journey
Dr. Hileri Mori's Prosthodontic Journey

Dr. Nidhi Arora: What all things one should keep in mind before joining prosthodontics as their masters?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Before choosing Prosthodontics as your branch my advice would be to be mentally prepared that for upcoming three years you won’t have your personal life at all. You should be mentally prepared for hectic days to come other than that before choosing your college, prosthodontist has so many advanced treatment option so if your college is in some rural area where you will only get crown and bridge or you will only get CD patient then that masters is not enough in today’s time, even after completing your masters you will have to pay for implantology and full mouth rehabilitation or aesthetic cases like veneers and smile designing so everything should be kept in mind while choosing your college you should prefer a college where you can practice all these cases.

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND, when going for PG in prosthodontics-


b) CLINICAL PRACTICE- opt for a college where you can gain hands-on experience in diverse cases, rather than being limited to specific types of patients or treatments.

College that offers exposure to advanced treatments beyond basic procedures like crowns and bridges. Look for opportunities to work with patients requiring implantology, full mouth rehabilitation, and aesthetic procedures like veneers and smile designing.

c) Faculty Expertise: Assess the expertise and experience of the faculty members in the program.

Complete Denture
Complete Denture

Dr. Nidhi Arora: A prosthodontics work is no less than a labor is a common saying among undergraduates to what extend is that statement true.

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: I would say that those days are gone because at present I am into digital dentistry pace where I am using intraoral scanner for all my cases, I am using 3 D printer in my practice, so this labor word does not sound right to me at all yes at college level one might feel that it is lot to do compared to other branch especially when one has to do all steps of CD  including the lab steps that is where students find it a  bit tedious but the bigger picture is bit different when one goes for master there is lot of scope to explore this branch and the way digital dentistry is moving this labor word to prosthodontics will just remain to college days and not into clinical practice.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: It is said when everything is done in mouth when every possible treatment is done then comes prosthodontic as a ray of hope to restore the function and aesthetic of patient. How do you approach full-mouth rehabilitation cases?

 Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: It is a fantastic point; I am very happy to say that you have put lot of thought in your questions. Answering to this, it is very true when all the treatment is done perio, endo and OS then comes the prostho but yes prostho is the KING.

I would like to justify this statement by adding my approach to FMR cases, when I sit with my FMR patient the 1st appointment is hours long because I try to understand the need of the patient whether the patient’s concern is aesthetic or function removable or fixed his financial condition, I try to motivate my patient enough to take the treatment and later on take care of the prosthesis. I also take lot of notes like I try to observe the position of lips, visibility of anterior teeth and patient’s smile, observe the oral muscular region with respect to teeth all these points play a significant role while addressing full mouth rehab.

KeyPoint's for FMR CASES

a) Comprehensive Assessment: Extensive assessment, Patient needs, Aesthetics, Functionality, Financial considerations

b) Detailed Observation: Smile analysis, Muscle function, Treatment planning

c) Patient-Centered Care: Individualized care, Collaborative decision-making, Satisfaction-oriented

Full Mouth Rehabilitation case
Full Mouth Rehabilitation case

Dr. Nidhi Arora: What are the latest advancements in implant materials and techniques?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Biggest advancement is digital dentistry into implant dentistry the merger of these two is something this industry long needed.  The amalgamation of these two made prosthetic rehabilitation is made smother, easier, predictable as well accurate. The intraoral scanners simplify our implant impressions. The point contact needed for occlusion of implant prosthesis is précised.

Coming to techniques we can get surgical guides printed which makes our implant position more accurate additionally decreasing the overall treatment time. So, the time taken to place an implant in D1 or D2 bone is hardly 15mins.

Plus, there is lot of R&D implant companies doing to make changes in implant surface treatment so that it osteointegration happens rapidly and well in all bone types.

Immediate loading protocol has changed the game.

1. Digital dentistry into implant dentistry

2. Immediate loading of implant

3. Implant surface treatments

These have changed and revolutionized the treatment we used to offer our implant patients vs what we are offering now.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Can you discuss the role of prosthodontics in smile makeovers?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: It has its role in smile makeover. Cases like fluorosis, diastema, internal stains, require porcelain veneers which provide patient an ideal smile follow the golden proportion designing it has natural and aesthetic as possible. There are software that will help patient in understanding how they will look after the procedure is done, a great way to convince patient for treatment.


Smile Makeover Case
Smile Makeover Case

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How has digital technology revolutionized prosthodontics?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Single day dentistry or single day crowns and bridges is possible due to digital dentistry if you have a CAD software and milling machine you can deliver a crown within few hours and in a world like ours where things are moving so fast single day dentistry is a marvel.

In maxillofacial cases where half of maxilla or mandible is not there, planning reconstruction surgery via digital dentistry is a boom here, we can do patient specific implants that is PSI with help of intra oral scanners, face scanners and CBCT. This can truly uplift lives of such patient who have completely lost maxillary or mandible bone.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Can you explain the benefits of CAD/CAM technology in prosthodontics?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: CAD/CAM is Computer aided designing and computer aided milling so this clears one thing it is computer aided meaning less chances of errors and what we do is manual, and it will have errors. So designing is very much easy exocad is one of the leading software there are several milling machines. What milling does is; it is subtractive manufacturing so there is block of zirconia out of which your crown is being carved making it more precise. When it comes to the marginal fit of our crowns and bridges is more accurate ad has less error. Coming to cast partial denture CAD/CAM gives us a better fit compared to the conventional or analogue method.   

Dr. Nidhi Arora: What challenges do you encounter when providing prosthodontic care to elderly patients?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: The biggest challenge in treating elderly patient is patient management. During BDS we studied MM House classification it is applicable in clinics. Every patient comes with a different temperament especially elderly patients they are suffering from many other conditions regarding physical, and mental health their health is already compromised so all of this affects their process of taking a treatment their attitude towards perceiving and receiving dental care. 

Dr. Nidhi Arora: What areas of research are currently being explored in prosthodontics?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Lot of research going on around robotic assisted surgeries for implant cases also research has been going on using AI for better diagnosis of dental condition and treatment planning. There is work going on behind dental material aspect PMMA or ceramic material the lacune in these materials are continuously researched and developed. The PMMA material which we use for are dentures especially when fabricated through digital protocol in that teeth are not printed, so the acrylic teeth are glued to PMMA after processing so there is lot of work going around this.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Can you share any recent developments or breakthroughs in the field?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Introduction of face scanners, I am associated with shining 3D dental solutions it is launching their 1st face scanner which is METISMILE it will be launching soon in India what it does is it will scan our face. It can be in use with respect to maxillofacial case, smile design and FMR cases.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: As a recent postgraduate completing your studies, you've likely encountered various dynamics within the department. How do you navigate internal politics or conflicting interests within the department while focusing on your academic and professional growth?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: I used to avoid gossip sessions and mind my own business leading me to have less information as who is talking about whom. It is the best strategy minding one’s own business and concentrating on your clinical work because that is what matters. And after spending 6 months in a department, you know who likeminded people are, so it is better to hang out with them to safe yourself from toxicity of the department contributing more time and energy to your academic and clinical growth.

Dr. Hileri at her Graduation ceremonial
Dr. Hileri at her Graduation ceremonial

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How do you envision the integration of digital technology in prosthodontics shaping the future of dental care?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Defiantly when we integrate digital technology with prosthodontics things run more smoothly, less repeat impression, less of a mess, provide better and faster treatment.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Collaboration between dental professionals and industry partners can drive advancements in technology and treatment options. How do you see partnerships with dental manufacturers or technology companies influencing the future of prosthodontics?

 Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: These all are technical aspect of the industry they know how to manufacture a product they know how to sell a product, but we are the once’s using the product so we as a clinician have a role in growth of any technology or material because we are using it, our user experience can be game changer for any innovation or technology.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: When considering potential collaborations, what criteria do you prioritize in selecting partners or projects to ensure alignment with your professional values and goals?"

 Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: I only collaborate with those people who have realistic expectation and likeminded other than that when it comes to promoting their product or services, I personally use it first, even if I am promoting any toothpaste, I spend a month using that toothpaste to see how it is different and has it enhanced my experience. Once I am satisfied with the product only then I suggest it to my audience.

Before promoting any product, I do check the authenticity going through their profile and website to see if they are genuine because in social media era authenticity is something which is not very common, so I like to ensure that the brand with which I am collaborating is creating authentic material or product only then the collab takes place.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How important is it for dentist to have their digital imprint on social media platform?

Dr. Hileri Vijaysinh Mori: Everyone is on social media so why don’t you want to be there; it is a no brainer people are influenced through social media. They spend good amount of time on social media, if you want to be seen you have to be on social media.

 And don’t just make an account and leave it there but share your own experience your own story with your audience. Be more real and authentic that is rewarding in long run. People connect with you if you are real and honest since it can be difficult to be who you are and not impersonate a filtered more perfect version.

In addition, do show your failures in addition to your wins, I know it is difficult especially when there are so many to criticize but I do share my implant failure so at least 2 people will learn from my mistake.

This is what I learned in last 4 years since my social media presence.

Dr.Hileri Mori (@dentowomen)
Dr.Hileri Mori (@dentowomen)