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Dhruv Chauhan, MBBS [intern]
Dhruv Chauhan, MBBS [intern]

Name: Dhruv Chauhan

Birth Place: Delhi

Academic Qualification: Rama Medical College, Hapur, UP, India (2017 Batch)

  1. What do you do?

    MBBS Intern

  2. What’s the best part of your profession? What made you choose this profession?

    It works on symbiotic relation: More you heal people, the more you nurture your happiness

    Thanks to my prefrontal cortex that helped me choose this profession.

  3. You are very famous on twitter, you have a lot of feathers in your hat based on your BIO. What do you have to say about that?

    Anyone can be famous these days, my concern is whether my work and actions inspire people to improve their lives or if I am just a medium of entertainment for them.

  4. Tell us something about yourself that very few people know.
    I operate around 10 known medical pages (without the PR team 😜)

  5. Which specialty do you find yourself inclined towards in the future?

    The one that fits my rank.

  6. What was your most and least favorite subject in MBBS? Why?

    Anatomy was my least favorite, but at the same time, it was my most favorite…. The story is too long to write here.

  7. You have been recently selected for "IMA National President's Appreciation Award for Best Medical Intern". Kindly share your views on it

    I feel honored and delighted.

  8. Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?
    I do like it. The last thing I read was my PrepLadder notes. Lol😂

  9. If you were not a doctor, which other career would you chose and Why?

    I can't imagine myself in anything else. I have dreamed and working for this profession even before joining it.

  10. What was the most astonishing lie a patient or junior said on your face?

    A first-year junior measured the BP of a deceased patient and told me. I laughed because a similar incident happened in my time too.

  11. If you had to start a rumor, What would it be?

    I will tell I am committed.

  12. What was the most shocking thing you caught /got to know about your patient that he/she was doing?

    Gynaec posting: A patient said that she has 4 children, and the husband standing outside the OPD said “no sir, she has 6 children” (patient was shy to tell the count)

  13. What is your favorite dish? / If you could eat one food for 360 days consecutively in a year, what would it be?
    Dal Makhni

  14. Describe yourself using 3 words.
    Ananda, Achintya, Adhrit

  15. Describe your Ideal work environment.

    I'm a simple person I watch other people working hard on anything… I get anxious about what I'm doing and sit down to study.

  16. Are you a TEAM PLAYER or do you work better/prefer to work alone?
    I work in solitude.

  17. What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a Doctor?

    Life is like normal ECG with ups and downs, but a medical profession is ECG with Arrhythmic findings. Join if you are ready to live the best and the worst life on the same plane.

  18. What do you like most/least about your profession?
    Being in this profession is like a thymus in the body. You are being valued for your working years but if you suddenly disappear then you will understand that you were never given importance but used by the society/government or nation

  19. What's something you wish to change about the world?
    I will answer this question when I will change something in myself first.

  20. If your journey was/were a movie, what would it be called?
    50 Shades of WTF

  21. What do you love to do in your leisure time?
    I write such interviews, reply to people and find out what I am doing on this Earth

  22. Finally, a quote you relate to.
    Every decision for something is a decision against something

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Dhruv Chauhan, MBBS [intern]
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