Med-Sight- Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S

Insights into the lives of medical students. A glimpse into the life of Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S
Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S, Medical student
Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S, Medical student

Name - Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S

Qualification -4th year medical student from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

1) What do you do?

I'm obtaining a medical degree and am active in four research projects. Intern at Medbound in journalism and internship 3.O

2) Why did you choose this profession? 

I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was five years old. My parents have been incredibly encouraging and supportive while I pursue my dream profession. Every time I used to witness a death, I used to consider how illnesses affect everyone in the family. Particularly when I watched interviews about cancer patients and the suffering they endure during the entire process, it made me feel so terrible. That's when I began to wonder how a minor modification to our physique could ruin our entire existence. My ambition is to train as an oncologist, participate in cancer research, and get more knowledge of the disease's mechanics.

Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S, Medical student
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3)Best/memorable moment?

The 26th of August 2019 at Bangalore Airport marked the finest memorable moment. That was the day I flew out of India to pursue my medical studies overseas.  Parents' eyes were beaming with pride and joy, but there was also a hint of worry in them. My sister's eyes were teary, but she was glad for me since I was pursuing my dreams. Seeing these conflicting emotions made me cheerful and self-assured. That was the first time I was so brave with no fears. While observing these conflicting emotions, I was joyful and self-assured. Since that day, everything in my life has changed for the better, and it has shaped me into a motivated, responsible, and diligent student.

4) Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I will graduate in two years, and after I do, I want to get involved in research projects, audits, conferences, medical competitions, and teaching since I enjoy it. Additionally, I would like to develop some educational programs that offer a fresh viewpoint on medicine. Additionally, I want to improve my abilities to become a terrific doctor.

5) What do you love to do in your leisure time?

I love to travel the world and taste different cuisines. I want to be a wandering medico. I also love cooking different cuisines and dance is my stressbuster.

6)What do you hate the most?

I detest getting out of bed early. I am a night owl.

7)What triggers you?

I have a level head and don't readily get triggered by things. But what really gets me going is injustice.

8)What would you be doing if not pursuing medicine?

I didn't want to pursue any other career path if not medicine. I didn't even want to consider having second thoughts.

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Lalitha Lavanya Shree.S, Medical student
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