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Dr. Mohammed Najeebuddin, Senior Resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, JIPMER, Puducherry
Dr. Mohammed Najeebuddin, Senior Resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, JIPMER, Puducherry

Name: Dr. Mohammed Najeebuddin

Birth Place: Hyderabad, India

Academic Qualification: MBBS from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, India (Admission batch: 2013)

MD Emergency Medicine and Trauma from JIPMER, Puducherry, India (completed in 2022 Dec)

Languages you speak/write: English, Hindi (speak and write), Urdu, Telugu, Tamil (spoken)

  1. What do you do?

    Senior Resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, JIPMER, Puducherry.

  2. What’s the best part of your profession? What made you choose this profession?

    Apply a specific set of skills and knowledge, to patients who are in their most vulnerable and sick state, to give them a fighting chance. Except for a few pockets of our country, emergency medical services are lacking by far. I want to work towards having efficient Emergency Departments being set up across the country, manned by competent professionals.

  3. Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?

    Fiction reading in my leisure. Medical literature is a must for any working medical professional. I am currently reading 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak.

  4. What is your favorite dish?

    I would not be able to name one. Away from home, I do miss proper Hyderabadi biryani often.

  5. How would your friend describe you?

    Depends on which friend you ask.

  6. Who would you like to travel with?

    With Friend(s), colleagues, and solo trips.

  7. What is your least favourite subject?

    I wouldn't pick any entire subject. But the details of culture media and certain such details of organisms from micro always seemed redundant.

  8. Your favorite subject(s)?

    Neurology amongst others in medicine, physiology, pathology, pediatrics, and obstetrics (not gynecology).

  9. What’s something you wish to change about the world?

    Broadly speaking, focussing more on the needs of all rather than the wants of a few.

  10. If your journey was/were a movie, what would it be called?
    I think I haven't reached the point in the journey where I can give it a name.

  11. What are you passionate about?

    Medicine, people, basketball, and leisure reading every time I can.

  12. Best/memorable moment?

    Each time I hear a patient is doing fine, hours or even days after a resuscitation which seems really bleak, even hopeless... that is pure bliss!

  13. What do you love to do in your leisure time?

    Playing basketball, reading novels, traveling, and of late cooking.

  14. If given a choice, what alternate career would you have opted for?

    Flying. Still haven't given up on becoming a pilot someday.

  15. What is your dream travel destination?

    Plenty, but watching the northern lights tops the list for now.

  16. Where would you like to work in the future?

    Right now, I want to explore as much as possible, so I can turn any place I work into the place I want to work at.

  17. Finally, a Quote you relate to.

    Khudi ko kar buland itna, ki har taqdeer se pehle khuda khud bande se puche, bol teri raza kya hai....


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