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Dr. Rumit Sood, MBBS, DNB Anaesthesia, CCEPC from All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
Dr. Rumit Sood, MBBS, DNB Anaesthesia, CCEPC from All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

Name: Dr. Rumit Sood

Birth Place: Jammu, India

Educational Qualification: MBBS from Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pune, Maharashtra, India (2008-2014)

DNB Anesthesia from Fortis Hospital, Mohali, India (2016-2019)

CCEPC from All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, India in 2020

Languages you speak or write: Hindi and English

  1. What do you do?

    I am an anesthesiologist , also known as the 'behoshi wale or ICU wale doctor.' This is how I introduce myself to my patients.

  2. What’s the best part of your profession? What made you choose this profession?

    The best part of my profession is working in an environment I always wanted to be in since my childhood. As a perioperative physician, there are moments of boredom and moments of terror in the operating theater, which gives me an adrenaline rush.

    I chose this profession because my grandfather, in his last days, expressed his desire to see me become a doctor. His wish triggered my decision, and I remained focused on becoming one.

  3. Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?

    I don't read much, but I enjoy mythological books. The last one I read was the Mahabharat, around five years ago.

  4. What is your favorite dish?

    I am not much of a foodie, but I like Chicken curry.

  5. How would your friends describe you?

    My friends would describe me as a people observer, kind-hearted, and excited about things.

  6. Who would you like to travel with?

    I would like to travel with family, friends, and colleagues

  7. Mention your least favorite subjects.

    For me, there's nothing like favorite or least favorite. I love reading about medicine, including Anaesthesiology.

  8. How would you explain what a cell is to your six-year-old nephew?

    I don't have a nephew.

  9. Would you go camping or glamping?

    Yes, I would go camping.

  10. Best/memorable moment?

    I have many memorable moments, but one of the most special ones was when I got a PG seat.

  11. If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?

    I would choose a Tiger because they are noble and fearless creatures.

  12. What do you hate the most?

    I hate people who tend to be bossy and act superior. I usually avoid these types of individuals.

  13. If given a choice, what alternate career would you have opted for?

    If I had the chance, I would have considered becoming an Aeronautical Engineer or Civil Engineer.

  14. What is your dream travel destination?

    Any destination with mountains would be a dream travel spot for me.

  15. What would you do if you suddenly became homeless?

    I earn enough that I can rent a house, so that wouldn't be an immediate concern for me.

  16. Finally, a quote you relate to:

    "If it's meant to be, then it's up to me" - Tom Dresson (American standup comedian)

  17. What else would you like to tell about yourself?

    I am a hardworking and smart individual. In my childhood, I saw Sonu Nigam being interviewed on TV, and he influenced me to some extent. He mentioned that to earn a quality life, you have to do hard work at least once in a lifetime, either in your early adulthood or later in life when you cross 40. I believe that early adulthood is the best time because you have the peak of passion, obsession, and health.

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