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 MedSight - Karthika Suresh,
MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019)
 MedSight - Karthika Suresh, MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019)

Name: Karthika Suresh (MedBound handle :@Karthika Suresh)

Birth Place: Madurantakam , Tamil Nadu, India

Academic Qualification: MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019) 

Languages you speak/write: Tamil, English and Russian

  1. What do you do?

    I am currently in my fourth year of MBBS.

  2. What’s the best part of your profession?

    The best part of my profession is being able to help people who are suffering from diseases, especially when there may not be a known cure. As doctors, we serve as guides and provide hope to our patients.

  3. What made you choose this profession?

    I chose this profession because I wanted to make a meaningful impact on people's lives by providing medical care and guidance.

  4. What’s your favorite book, and why?

    My favorite book is "Twisty Tails." I appreciate literature because it helps me differentiate between genuine words and manipulation. This skill is valuable in every profession.

  5. Do you and your colleagues practice taking blood on each other?

    Yes, we do practice taking blood on each other as part of our medical training.

  6. How would your friends describe you?

    My friends would describe me as a chatterbox, hyperactive, and psychic.

  7. Who would you like to travel with?

    I would like to travel with someone who shares my passion for exploration and adventure.

  8. What is your least favorite subject?

    My least favorite subject is Endocrine, even though it's my favorite.

  9. Your favorite subject(s)?

    My favorite subjects are Pediatrics and Oncology.

  10. What’s something you wish to change about the world?

    I wish to eliminate discrimination and have the power to suppress such traits with magical powers.

  11. If your journey was/were a movie, what would it be called?


  12. What are you passionate about?

    I am passionate about having peace of mind and would like to explore space, perhaps even escape to Mars.

  13. What would you do if you were the last surviving human?

    If I were the last surviving human, I would try to preserve knowledge and ensure that it's not lost forever.

  14. Would you commit a crime if no one would know?

    Probably not, but if it concerned my loved ones, I might consider it.

  15. What would you do if you won a 1 Million dollar lottery?

    I would likely share my winnings with my family and invest in furthering my education and space medicine research.

  16. If given a choice, what alternate career would you have opted for?

    I would have chosen a career in space medicine because I have a deep fascination with space.

  17. What is your dream travel destination?

    My dream travel destination is Mars.

  18. Where would you like to work in the future?

    I would like to work anywhere that allows me to treat children and make a positive impact on their lives.

  19. Finally, a Quote you relate to.

    "As long as I'm alive, there are infinite chances for me."

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