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Dr. Salman Khan,
 MBBS, MD Microbiology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (2018-2021)
Dr. Salman Khan, MBBS, MD Microbiology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (2018-2021)

Name :  Dr. Salman Khan (MedBound handle: @Salman Khan)

Birth Place: Uttar Pradesh, India

Academic Qualification:  MBBS from Shimoga Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga, Karnataka, India (2010-2016)

MD Microbiology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (2018-2021)

Languages: English, Hindi and Kannada

  1. What do you do?

    I am a Medical Microbiologist, currently working as a Senior Resident at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (NCI campus).

  2. What’s the best part of your profession? What made you choose this profession?

    The best part of my profession is that it forms the backbone of the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, and it involves constant learning and adaptation, especially in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

    I chose this profession because of its critical role in healthcare and the constant need for innovation and adaptation in the field of microbiology. It's a rewarding and challenging field.

  3. Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?

    Yes, I do enjoy reading. The last thing I read was a research paper on emerging antibiotic resistance patterns in hospital-acquired infections.

  4. What is your favorite dish?

    My favorite dish is Rajma-Rice.

  5. How would your friends describe you?

    My friends would probably describe me as hard-working and dependable, given my profession and dedication to it.

  6. Who would you like to travel with?

    I would love to travel with my family. Spending quality time with them is always a priority for me.

  7. What is your least favorite subject? Your favorite subject(s)?

    My least favorite subject is Biochemistry, particularly those complex metabolic cycles. Among my favorite subjects are Microbiology, Forensic medicine, Pediatrics, and Preventive Medicine.

  8. How would you explain what a cell is to your six-year-old nephew?

    I would tell my nephew that if our body is like a big puzzle, cells are the tiny puzzle pieces that make everything work together.

  9. Would you go camping or glamping?

    I'd prefer camping for the authentic outdoor experience and being close to nature.

  10. Are you a leader or follower?

    It depends on the situation. Sometimes I follow the footsteps of good leaders, and in other instances, I take the lead and strive to be a good leader myself.

  11. Best/memorable moment

    One of my best and most memorable moments was achieving my Doctor's title and making my parents proud. It was a culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

  12. If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?

    Technically we humans are also animals.

  13. What do you hate the most?

    I dislike it when people misuse their power and positions, as it can have harmful consequences.

  14. If given a choice, what alternate career would you have opted for?

    If I were to choose an alternate career, I would have considered becoming a professional cricketer, given my interest in sports and cricket in particular.

  15. What is your dream travel destination?

    My dream travel destination is Switzerland.

  16. What would you do if you suddenly became homeless?

    I would immediately reach out to my family and friends for support. Homelessness is a challenging situation, and having a support network is crucial.

  17. Finally, a quote you relate to

    "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." — Maya Angelou.

  18. What else would you like to tell about yourself?

    I'm dedicated to my work and passionate about making a positive impact on patients' lives through my role as a Medical Microbiologist.

    (MedSight/Salman Khan/PB)

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