NEETQuest: Karthika Suresh

From consistent effort to conquering the exam - Insights from Karthika Suresh on his journey of cracking the NEET UG exam.
Karthika Suresh,
 MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019)
Karthika Suresh,  MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019)

Name: Karthika Suresh (MedBound handle :@Karthika Suresh)

Birth Place: Madurantakam , Tamil Nadu, India

Academic Qualification: MBBS from North Caucasian State Academy, Russia (Admission Batch: 2019) 

Languages you speak/write: Tamil, English and Russian

  1. Why did you choose this profession?

    To become an oncologist, and General medicine is the pathway. I decided on this path in Grade 11.

  2. When did you actually start preparing for NEET?

    I began my preparation in Grade 11.

  3. Did you take any coaching? Do you think coaching is necessary for clearing NEET?

    It depends on the student. I received coaching from forums and believe that coaching can be helpful.

  4. How did you balance your school and NEET preparations?

    I had a schedule that aligned with my sleep cycle and school timings. Time management was crucial.

  5. What were your sources during preparation for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry?

    I used NCERT syllabus, previous year question papers, and repeated mock tests.

  6. Are NCERTs sufficient for cracking NEET? What's your opinion on this?

    NCERT with repeated mock tests was enough for me.

  7. What are the major challenges that you faced during preparation? How did you tackle them?

    One challenge was covering the syllabus. When I felt burnt out, I took a break, had a cup of Horlicks, and sometimes went for a walk. Then I got back to studying.

  8. Is it true that when you prepare for this exam, you have to devote longer hours or burn the midnight oil? Did you have time to attend family functions or festivals or were you always studying? It's not necessary to devote extremely long hours. I did attend family functions, but there were times when I had to cancel them.

  9. How did you keep yourself motivated during your entire journey? I didn't use social media during my preparation, which helped me stay focused.

  10. Nowadays, coaching for NEET has started from an early age (even 6th or 8th grade). What is your opinion on this?

    It depends on the individual. Not every condition suits every person.

  11. What do you think is the right time for starting preparation for NEET?

    The right time is when you are physically and mentally ready and have a clear goal.

  12. How many attempts one should take at this exam if one does not succeed?

    I suggest a maximum of three attempts, but it depends on the individual's determination.

  13. The cost of pursuing an MBBS degree from a private university in India is very high, and not everyone can afford it. What do you suggest someone do if unable to secure admission in a government institution? Should they take a gap year or seek admission abroad for the same course?

    They can take a gap year if it doesn't affect their mental health. They can also seek admission abroad, but they must be prepared for challenges such as homesickness, weather conditions, and potential racism.

  14. Your Mantra for success?

    Every step forward counts. Stay strong for the moment, and you'll reach your destination.

  15. What advice would you like to give to NEET aspirants?

    Believe in yourself and your abilities.

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