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 Disha Khobragade, B.Pharm from H.R. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research - [HRPIPER], Shirpur, Maharashtra, India (2020-2024)
Disha Khobragade, B.Pharm from H.R. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research - [HRPIPER], Shirpur, Maharashtra, India (2020-2024)

Name: Disha Khobragade (MedBound handle: @Disha Khobragade)

Birth Place:  Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India

Academic Qualification:  B.Pharm from H.R. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research - [HRPIPER], Shirpur, Maharashtra, India (2020-2024)

Languages: English, Hindi and Marathi

  1. What's the best part of your profession?

    The best part of my profession as a medical journalist with a background in pharmacy is sharing accurate and up-to-date medical information with the public. I'm passionate about health and wellness, and I believe in providing clear and concise health information to help people make informed decisions.

  2. What made you choose this profession?

    I chose this profession because of my strong interest in health and wellness. I wanted to bridge the gap between complex medical knowledge and accessible information for everyone.

  3. Are you happy/satisfied with the current scenario of pharmacy education in your country?

    I am not satisfied with the current scenario of pharmacy education in India. Pharmacists should have a more active role in patient care, including working with clinicians and suggesting drug doses and therapeutic plans.

  4. What are some fun facts about pharmacy that you want the readers to know?

    Pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and effective use of medications. They are medication experts and can provide valuable information and guidance to patients.

  5. What are the challenges that you face in your day-to-day life?

    As a medical journalist with a pharmacy background, I face the challenge of needing doctor approval for my work, even though I have the necessary medical knowledge.

  6. Do you like reading? What was the last thing you read?

    Yes, I enjoy reading. The last book I read was "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy.

  7. What is your favorite dish?

    My favorite dish is dosa.

  8. What's one thing that people are generally surprised to find out about you?

    People are often surprised to find out that I have a high temper, as I usually don't get angry unless it's a serious matter.

  9. What is your least favorite subject?

    My least favorite subject is jurisprudence.

  10. Your favorite subject(s)?

    My favorite subjects are pharmacology and health-care systems.

  11. What's something you wish to change about the world?

    I wish to change the world by improving the healthcare system and making healthcare more accessible to all.

  12. What's your biggest fear?

    My biggest fear is my own anger and the potential harm it can cause to myself and others.

  13. Best/memorable moment?

    Every day spent with my family is a memorable moment, cherishing the time together.

  14. What do you love to do in your leisure time?

    In my leisure time, I love reading books.

  15. What do you hate the most?

    I hate wasting time.

  16. If given a choice, what alternate career would you have opted for?

    If given a choice, I might have opted for an MBBS degree.

  17. What is your dream travel destination?

    My dream travel destination is the underwater city of Dwarka.

  18. Where would you like to work in the future?

    In the future, I would like to work in the Ministry of Health.

  19. Finally, a quote you relate to.

    I relate to: "Better to be alone than in bad company."

  20. What else would you like to tell about yourself?

    I'm always looking to improve my skills and knowledge to help others, and I value learning about the world.

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