Classroom Session on 'Upper Limb' by MedBound

A live classroom session on the topic 'Upper Limb' from the subject Orthopedics was conducted by Medbound on 19th April 2023 by Dr. Munmun Rai.
Classroom Session on 'Upper Limb' by MedBound

Name of the event: Classroom session on Ortho-Upper Limb

Date of the event: 19th April 2023, 05:00 PM IST

Presenter: Dr. Munmun Rai, Teaching Assistant, Medbound

No. of attendees: 10

As part of the Medbound classroom sessions, a live webinar on the topic 'Upper Limb' from Orthopaedics was conducted on 19th April 2023 via a Zoom meeting. Dr. Munmun Rai presented the topic. The session was aimed at improving the student's depth of knowledge on the topic while also promoting clinical decision-making skills.

The class proceeded with active interactions based on the presented material with suitable illustrations. The subtopics were covered extensively and comprehensively and included anatomy, joint dynamics, joint pathologies, investigations diagnosis, and treatment modalities.

Towards the end of the session, the speaker prompted attendees to come forward with questions or doubts, and the queries were resolved.

Dr. Munmun Rai also announced that pharmacology will be the focus of the following sessions. The webinar ended with a vote of thanks from Lalitha Lavanya Shree, a 4th-year medical student, and Parool Mishra, a 3rd-year MBBS student.

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Classroom Session on 'Upper Limb' by MedBound
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