Final Round - Speaking Competition

The final round of the speaking competition of the April Psych Campaign on mental health was conducted on 29th April through a Zoom discussion.
Final Round - Speaking Competition

Name of the Event: April Psych Campaign - Final Round - Speaking Competition

Date of the Event: 29th April 2023, 06:30 PM IST

No. of attendees: 14

The final round of the speaking competition for the April Psych Campaign was conducted on 29th April through a Zoom call. The participants could choose from a set of topics based on mental health issues. The speakers could talk on their topic of interest for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Subha Maheswari, Program coordinator at MedBound, hosted the event and started with an introduction to the event. Dr. Darshit Patel summarised the schedule for the psych forum events and also briefly explained the rules for the final round of the speaking competition. The panelists for the competition included Dr. Munmun Rai, Teaching Assistant at MedBound, Dr. Areez Khoja, and Dr. Gurmeet Kaur.

Lalitha Lavanya Shree was invited to give the first talk. She talked about Stress.

Manu Sharan Srivastava, the second speaker, talked about Female Foeticide.

Dr. Ravkiran Kaur, spoke next on the topic of Depression.

Afzana Ismail, spoke on the topic of Psychiatry.

Zainab Huzefa, spoke on the topic of Optimism.

Saba Shaikh, talked about Mental Health.

Akshata Sahebrao Survase, talked about Postpartum depression.

All the speakers were appreciated for their efforts. The panelists gave their respective views on the topics as well.

The session concluded with a group discussion on the topic of, 'What is the key to happiness?'. The panelists and interns had a deep and insightful conversation on the same.

Dr. Darshit further announced that the winner of the final round will be announced through mail.