Medical Education Cell Event- ‘Cataract: The Silent Thief of Sight’

An informative session about cataracts was organized by Medbound on 22nd June at 5 pm IST through a Zoom meeting
Poster by Vanshika Bajaj.
Poster by Vanshika Bajaj.

Name of the Event: ‘Cataract: The Silent Thief of Sight’

Date of the Event: June 22, 2023, at 5 pm IST

No. of attendees: 18

This session was held on the occasion of ‘Cataract Awareness Month’. Medbound’s MEC members Hafsahbanu Patel and Jemima Sani were the lead presenters of this session, and Kenigen Manikion, Kofi Abaya, and Jaswanth D S were co-contributors. The session started with M Subha Maheswari (Program Coordinator, MedBound) welcoming everybody and acknowledging their presence. She also introduced the MedBound List platform. Further, the session was handed over to Hafsahbanu Patel.

Hafsahbanu started the presentation by introducing herself and the topic, ‘Cataract: The Silent Thief of Sight’. She further elaborated on the Importance of the topic, Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye. She then handed over the session to Jemima Sani, who explained the Causes and Risk factors associated with cataracts, the types of cataracts, and the signs and symptoms.

This session was held on the occasion of ‘Cataract Awareness Month’.
This session was held on the occasion of ‘Cataract Awareness Month’.

Hafsahbanu continued the next part of the session by explaining Diagnosis, Treatment options, complications, and prognosis. Next, the session was taken over by Jemima, who discussed prevention and lifestyle modification, conclusions, and additional information.

M Subha Maheswari then took charge of the session and encouraged the interns to ask their doubts regarding the topics explained during the presentation. This led to a short question-answer round. The project coordinator and MEC members concluded the event with a vote of thanks.

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Poster by Vanshika Bajaj.
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