Medical Internship Program Orientation

The Medical Internship Program (MIP) Orientation was conducted on 8th May through a Zoom call.
Medical Internship Program Orientation

Name of the Event: MIP Orientation

Date of the Event: 8th May at 5:00 PM IST

No. of Attendees: 4

The Medical Internship Program (MIP) Orientation was conducted on 8th May through a Zoom call. The Medical Internship Program is a remote internship program for medical and healthcare students all over the world.

Dr. Munmun Rai, Medical Officer at MedBound, started the event with a brief introduction. She also introduced Subha Maheshwari, Program Coordinator at MedBound.

The event started with an introductory round of all the participants who would be enrolled in the Medical Internship Program. The interns were first oriented about the procedure of making a Bound. The first bound would include the name, area of interest, education, and MIP joining date of the intern.

The interns were then introduced to the Medical Internship Program which would help them enhance their clinical skills like decision-making, patient management skills, and treatment.

The interns were instructed that they will be given three case discussions. They were oriented about their next task of making presentations. Every intern will get one topic for individual presentations and one topic for group presentations. The intern will have to present this topic in the presence of various mentors. The topics would be based on the intern's area of interest.

The interns were oriented about a short daily task where they would be given a post or bound. The intern has to go through that post or bound and answer questions about it.

The interns were oriented about the 'Game Zone Quiz.' The questions will be based on fun topics like dramas, movies, etc. The intern will get a notification when the quiz goes live. Interns were also instructed to follow MedBound from all social media platforms.

The interns were introduced to the MedBound List. MedBound List is a platform that provides users with a CV-building platform where they can make a CV for free. The orientation concluded by answering some of the queries of interns.

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