MIP Presentation on Tetanus

A presentation on the topic of Tetanus was conducted as part of the Medbound Medical Internship Program (MIP)
MIP Presentation on Tetanus

Name of the event: MIP Presentation on Tetanus

Date of the event: 24th April 2023 at 05:00 PM IST

Speaker: Dr. Ritika Ganesh

No. of attendees: 15

The Medbound Medical Internship Program (MIP) hosted a Webinar on the topic Tetanus. Dr. Ritika Ganesh presented the topic and Dr. Munmun Rai co-hosted the event.

The session covered the topic of tetanus extensively and comprehensively including immunity categories and immunization recommendations. After the presentation, attendees were requested to answer questions based on the topics that were posted on the Medbound community platform, and further, the session moved on to the discussion part.

Dr. Munmun Rai led the discussion session with interesting questions and points to ponder regarding the clinical features and management of tetanus. Attendees actively participated in the session. Everybody agreed upon the need for community-level awareness of tetanus to reduce its incidence.

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