A Physiotherapist's Route To The USA: Easy or Not

Completing MS degree in physiotherapy and/or clearing license exam gives many opportunities across Government organizations, colleges, sports teams and private practice.
The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program offers total funding to students for masters and PhD courses- Mona Kedar PT.
The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program offers total funding to students for masters and PhD courses- Mona Kedar PT.unsplash
DPT from USA, UK or Australia is better than India, because of lack of Indian Government policies, central regulatory authorities towards Physiotherapy.
Adhishree Dakhole, MPT Community Physiotherapy
NPTE exam attempt
NPTE exam attemptunsplash

A group of Physios (Gunjan Sharma, Mona Kedar, Adhishree Dakhole, D.Deepankar) were asked their opinion on Studying in the USA

Here is a small Question & Answer round and author's opinion for the Students who want to study or work in the USA.

Q: What is the Indian scenario?

A: After graduating either you start your practice, work under senior physiotherapist or do a postgraduation. The growth is slow but sustainable once the practice is established. If you get a teacher's job after postgraduation, finances are stable.

Q: What to do if someone wants to start working in the US?

A: National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) is an Indian physiotherapist's ticket to United States of America. although, this does not come easy.

Practicing in other country is never easy. The process itself is tedious but the people who are determined to achieve it go through every test and trial.

Q: What steps to take?

A: 1. Work permit and visa: US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the organization that grants non-US citizens like Indians, the permission to work in the U.S. to obtain a visa or permission from the USCIS, you may need a healthcare worker certification from your employer and university. One can always contact USCIS to find out. It is recommended to go through the list of organizations recognized by USCIS to issue healthcare worker certificates.

2. Credential Verification: Get recommendation letters from the Dean of the college and get a transcript from the university. Go through the organization called FCCPT (Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy) and submit all documents there. This organization is for verification. In case you change your state for a new job, the process is easier.

3. Create a FSBPT (Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy) profile for giving exam.

Q: Who can take this NPTE?

A: Any graduate or diploma holder in physiotherapy, from USMLE recognized university or colleges.

Q. How many subject areas to study?

A: All subjects one has studied from the beginning of BPT course are included in the theory exam. Manual therapy, patient exam, differential diagnosis and treatment protocol are included in practical exam

Q: How many hours of study it takes to clear?

A: Extra 3-hour study can do; you can plan out the whole process by registering for the exam and start.

Q: How many attempts we can take?

A: 3 consecutive attempts are eligible not more than that. Do a deep study and choose exam date wisely.

India has the toughest curriculum as compared to any other country. Specially in Medical or healthcare field. USA has almost all medical and physiotherapy subjects as a part of the physiotherapy curriculum, it is aligned with the current market trend. You will learn every required skill here in the US.

Mona Kedar PT

Q: What if a person opts for a diploma or fellowship in the USA, is the licensure procedure easy?

A: A straight answer would be No! You would get accustomed with exam pattern. But there's no easy way out, you will have to give the NPTE for License.

Q: What is the average income a physio makes in India as compared to the USA?

A: On an average, in the USA a physiotherapist earnings range from 400$ -500$ per week and in India it ranges from 100$ - 200$ per week. The salaries are decided keeping work experience in mind and vary in different states.

Think before taking any rash decision.
Think before taking any rash decision.unsplash

A student or a professional moving to other country should keep in mind the finances and the hard work. Dedication to reach the goal are hard initially but becomes fruitful in the end. Keep working hard and keep thriving folks!

The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program offers total funding to students for masters and PhD courses- Mona Kedar PT.
My Life at One of the Oldest Universities of Georgia - Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi

How to Cope up when you are finally studying in the US?

Moving to a new country to study can be a challenging experience for any international student, including those from India studying in the United States. However, there are several ways that Indian students can cope with the challenges of living and studying in the US:

  1. Connect with other Indian students: Many universities and colleges have Indian student associations or cultural groups that provide a sense of community and support for students from India.

  2. Seek out counseling or mental health services: Universities and colleges typically offer counseling or mental health services for students. Talking to a professional can help students cope with the stress and challenges of being away from home.

  3. Engage in cultural activities: Participating in cultural activities and events, both on campus and in the wider community, can help students maintain a connection to their culture and reduce feelings of homesickness.

  4. Build a support network: Making friends with other students, faculty, and staff can provide a support network for Indian students in the US.

  5. Learn about American culture: Understanding American culture and customs can help Indian students feel more comfortable and navigate the differences between the two cultures.

  6. Stay connected with family and friends in India: Regular communication with family and friends back home can help Indian students feel connected to their roots and maintain a sense of belonging.

Overall, it is important for Indian students in the US to seek out support and resources to help them adjust to life in a new country. By taking advantage of the resources available to them and staying connected to their culture and community, Indian students can successfully navigate the challenges of studying abroad.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program offers total funding to students for masters and PhD courses- Mona Kedar PT.
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