Dr. Meghal Rohilla

A dentist by profession, but a public health worker and aspirant from her soul, Dr. Meghal Rohilla graduated a couple of years ago but after 2020, she started to engage herself in the field of public health. Her passion drove her to join many NGOs as an intern and volunteer and gain as much experience in addition to learning. A few of the NGOs that she has worked with include Sewa International and SHARP (School Health Annual Report Programme). She started writing as a hobby and eventually integrated her interest into the profession and also worked as a writer for an organization QAUSE. Currently, after gaining certificates from a few universities by passing online public health courses and joining a public health internship from Delhi, she has joined as a medical writer intern to hone her skills further. Shortly, since she will be settling in New Zealand, she plans to pursue a Master's in Public Health and either become an epidemiologist or get into the childcare profession.
Dr. Meghal Rohilla