Dentist to Content Creator: Dr. Jasmine Singh's Insights & Vision for Dentistry in India (Part - 2)

Due to the internet, people have a lot of information at their fingertips, but is that the correct information. Is that information applicable to them? To verify that, one needs professionals.
Dr. Jasmine Singh, BDS from  ITS Dental College, Greater Noida, YouTuber, Content Creator
Dr. Jasmine Singh, BDS from ITS Dental College, Greater Noida, YouTuber, Content Creator

Welcome to Part 2 of the Interview with Dr. Jasmine Singh (MedBound handle: @DoctorBattisi). Here, we will learn about the challenges faced by Dr. Jasmine in opening a dental clinic and the tips and tricks she shared to overcome those challenges, as well as her journey to being featured in Josh Talks.

Dr. Jasmine Singh, BDS from  ITS Dental College, Greater Noida, YouTuber, Content Creator
Dentist to Content Creator: Dr. Jasmine Singh's Journey, Insights & Vision for Dentistry in India

Dr. Nidhi Arora (MedBound handle: @DrNidhiArora18): Opening a new dental clinic can be challenging. What are some essential tips and strategies you recommend for dentists looking to establish their own clinics successfully?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: Opening a dental clinic is a business, and we usually don’t use the word business for doctors, but we should use it because it is a business, and any business is termed good or bad depending upon its intention and your work. So three essential tips for opening a new dental clinic are: 1st location is very important one of the most important things 2nd, invest a minimum when you are initially opening your clinic because everything can be renovated, equipments can be added later on when you have the right kind of money, but you have to spend the minimum ( as e-books which has minimum list is given that without following items your clinic could not function) and 3rd, always have a backup for about 6 to 12 month. Then I would like to add that no two clinics are the same; every clinic needs time to pick up business. Even if a dentist already has a clinic and wants to open a second one, that second clinic  would need its due course of time to pick up business.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: In addition to your online presence, you also conduct health campus. Could you tell us more about these events and how they contribute to promoting oral health awareness?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: Conducting oral dental campus is the right of every dentist. It is a service to society. It’s an amazing experience to get out of your four walls, socialize, make connections, make networks, meet new people, and above all you give your expertise, and spread awareness. And special thanks to everyone who organizes such camps; moreover, we are grateful to every patient that comes and gets themselves checked. We don’t have to force people to get themselves checked, but at least we can make them aware of oral hygiene. Teach them the right brushing technique, how to take care during pregnancy, and child care. These campuses help to reduce patient anxiety and make repo with the doctor.

Dr. Jasmine Singh on Josh Talks.
Dr. Jasmine Singh on Josh Talks.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: You were featured on Josh Talk. Can you share your experience and how platforms like these help spread awareness about oral health care on a larger scale?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: I was grateful enough to get the opportunity to speak on the Josh Talk platform, and it was an amazing experience. The importance of such sessions is that one, you can approach a large audience, and second, whatever you have to say, you can say it directly; so the myths are broken, they are cleared, and the facts are shared. This is required at this point because, due to the internet, people have a lot of information at their fingertips, but is that the correct information? Is that information applicable to them? To verify that, one needs professionals.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Are dentists underpaid in India?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: 100%. There is no doubt about it that dentists are underpaid, and the reason behind it is that clinics are not getting paid enough. Why is that happening? Because patients don’t want to come to the dentist. Even if a patient comes to the dentist once a year, even if it is for a regular checkup or for scaling, no dentist would be ideal, plus it is a win-win situation for the patient as well.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: According to you, why are freshly graduated dentists underpaid? They have skills, and yet they are not paid sometimes initially.

Dr. Jasmine Singh: Yes, the fresh graduates are underpaid, and the reason is that dental colleges need a newly revised curriculum that is applicable in 2023 and for the coming years. Also, and most importantly, manufacturing needs to happen in India so that the cost of materials and instruments is cheaper and, therefore, the dentists who are working in the clinic can be paid well.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and research in dentistry, and how do you incorporate this knowledge into your educational content?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: We have to keep on upgrading ourselves through sessions, webinars, events, conferences, or anything else happening in the world of dentistry, be it national or global. Going through official references, just go for the right sources. Join groups on social media. There is a group on Telegram by the name “Dentistry in India," you can join that if you want.

Dr. Jasmine Singh shared about her recent free health camp in Ladakh on the MedBound App

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Could you share a particularly rewarding experience where your content made a significant positive impact on someone's oral health habits or understanding?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: I particularly don’t remember a rewarding experience pertaining to one case, but in general, I do remember people messaging back that they weren’t aware of something but they got to know about it from my content. It saved their time, money, and energy because it was the right source. My audience trusts me the most; they are like, If Doctor Battisi or Dr. Jasmine said it, then it is right. The trust that they have in me is something I really appreciate, but at the same time, on my shoulder, there is a huge responsibility to provide them with correct information, to choose the right brands for promotion, and to choose the right content for my audience.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Okay, one last question, ma'am. You have been conducting interviews for the past 5 years; how does it feel to be interviewed by your junior? Did you think this day would come?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: I am honored. The reason is that I started interviewing people after 2 or 3 years after my graduation, and now doctors like you are doing what they are doing within a month of their graduation, so there has been a big impact we can all clearly see. So yes, the earlier the better, but that doesn’t mean you have to run in a race. And it’s a pleasure to be on board, and I am really grateful for this opportunity and for every opportunity that helps in spreading awareness about oral health and dentistry in India. So thank you so much, Dr. Nidhi and Medbound Times.

Dr. Nidhi Arora: Finally, any words of wisdom?

Dr. Jasmine Singh: I would just like to add that we are all together in this journey to take dental education and the dental industry to another level. Yes, a few things need to be changed regarding laws and dental education. There has been an impact in the last few years when it comes to raising awareness among the younger generation, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, and our conversation and more discussions like these will make a step towards a better future. Till then, stay safe and healthy. Keep smiling and healthy. Thank you!

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