MIP Presentation on Hypovolemic Shock

A presentation on the topic of Hypovolemic Shock was conducted as part of the Medbound Medical Internship Program (MIP).
MIP Presentation on Hypovolemic Shock

Name of the event: MIP Presentation on Hypovolemic shock

Date of the event: 3rd May 2023 at 05:00 PM IST

Speaker: Kenigen Manikion and Vamsi Krishna

No. of attendees: 11

The Medical Internship Program (MIP) Internship presentation was on the topic of Hypovolemic shock. The topic was presented by MIP interns Kenigen Manikion and Vamsi Krishna.

The presentation started with a detailed introduction to Hypovolemic shock. The introduction consisted of the definition, most common cause, and other conditions that can less to Hypovolemic shock. The classification of hypovolemic shock was discussed as well.

The pathophysiology of hypovolemic shock was explained properly from hypovolemia to multiorgan failure.

The next part of the presentation consisted of the signs and symptoms of hypovolemic shock. The signs and symptoms were explained in detail with the help of a flow chart.

The next part of the presentation addressed the very important part of the treatment of hypovolemic shock. The treatment of every condition that can lead to hypovolemic shock was explained in detail.

The patient counseling aspect of hypovolemic shock was explained as well. It is very important to educate the patients about the condition so that they can seek medical help and regular checkups.

The session was then open for doubts and questions. Dr. Munmun Rai, Medical Officer at MedBound, discussed other types of shocks like hemorrhagic, septic, epileptic, and carcinogenic. Dr. Munmun Rai discussed certain concepts related to shock with examination and MCQ point of view.

Dr. Mumnun Rai then gave a scenario to be discussed as a clinical case discussion. The scenario was of a 50-year-old man having a thigh injury after meeting with an accident 45 minutes ago. Every step of the management was discussed in detail.

Dr. Munmun Rai then asked a question about a poll. She discussed various other concepts like the contents of ORS, diarrhea, etc.

Pictorial representations and flow charts were used for a better understanding of the concepts.

MIP Presentation on Hypovolemic Shock
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