MIP Presentation on Music Therapy

A presentation on the topic on Music Therapy was conducted as part of the Medbound Medical Internship Program (MIP).
MIP Presentation on Music Therapy

Name of the event: MIP Presentation on Music therapy

Date of the event: 5th May 2023 at 05:30 PM IST

Speaker: Ananya Talukdar and Ritika Ganesh

No. of attendees: 13

The Medical Internship Program (MIP) presentation was on the very interesting topic of Music therapy. The topic was presented by MIP interns Ananya Talukdar and Ritika Ganesh.

The presentation was started by MIP intern Ananya Talukdar. She first introduced the unique concept of music therapy and its application to be used therapeutically.

The methods of music therapy were discussed in detail. The methods included compositional, improvisation, receptive, and re-creative. The subtype of each type was discussed in detail as well.

The main function of music therapy was discussed. Music therapy allows people to explore their feelings, make positive changes in their moods, develop a sense of control over their lives, solve problems, improve socialization, etc.

The presentation was continued by MIP intern Ritika Ganesh. She explained the benefits of music therapy in detail, along with the physical, mental, spiritual, social, and cognitive benefits. She then gave some of the well-known recommendations for music therapy and explained the concepts of Theta waves and Biurnal beats.

The session was concluded with insights from Dr. Darshit Patel, Medical Lead at MedBound. He also asked other interns about their points of view.

MIP Presentation on Music Therapy
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