The Pros and Cons of being a Medical student

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, commonly known as MBBS. It is one of the best and toughest fields of science that qualifies an undergraduate to become a doctor.
The caduceus is a symbol used by doctors around the world as a symbol of recognition.
[Wikimedia Commons]
The caduceus is a symbol used by doctors around the world as a symbol of recognition. [Wikimedia Commons]

The Advantages

The advantages of being a doctor anywhere in the world I believe are similar to what I know. I study in Ukraine and I am an Indian , so there are advantages my Professors talked about during lectures about being a doctor in Ukraine and being brought up in India, I can portray both.

1. Respect

I can say this with all my heart "Being a doctor is a godly profession". It is the hope in the eyes of the people that makes it so. The belief that we can cure them. Medical students experience that too during Medical Internship and Observer-ship.

They look up to us for advice whether it is physical or mental. People other than those working as health care professionals find the time in the hospital very difficult and as doctors and medical professionals, we become their pillar of support.

2. Trust

Trust is the foundation of a patient- doctor relationship, it plays a huge role from the diagnosis all the way to the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient. It is an advantage because when trust is established the patients believe in doctors and in their treatment, sometimes the sole belief in treatment by a patient can go a long way in curing them.

3. Job Security

Usually, doctors are not out of work but they can open their clinics for patients. Doctors can do almost any activity they want from any place. Medical students always look for this special aspect as it is the motivation that propels them forward from time to time.

4. Monetary Benefits

This career also provides monetary benefits along with work satisfaction and special status in society. It is not uncommon to see Doctors earning a huge salary at work setups like – government hospitals, private hospitals, and own clinics

5. Capability to uplift society

Using their knowledge, doctors and medical students can work for the benefit of needy and backward areas/communities. They have the power and knowledge to uplift society. It is a great advantage because the kind of respect combined with knowledge can enable us to give back to society even as students.

The caduceus is a symbol used by doctors around the world as a symbol of recognition.
[Wikimedia Commons]
MGIMS- Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences

The Disadvantages

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction " Newton's third law of motion. This is can be used more than in a physical sense, for every advantage in the medical field there is a disadvantage. Medical students, doctors, and all medical professionals do face different hurdles along the way.

1. High fees and long duration

Becoming a Doctor is a task that demands a lot of effort. MBBS is the minimum qualification required to practice medicine in India. MBBS course is 5.5 years long in India and 6 years in Ukraine. Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) should pass a licensing exam in India called the "Foreign Medical Graduate Exam", and should undergo an Internship of 1 to 2 years to become licensed doctors.                                                                             

After MBBS comes advanced courses like MD, MS, and super specialty courses. Completing the above set of courses can take a long time (7-8 years). Indians wondered and even criticized a lot of the Foreign Medical students for choosing to study outside India during Covid-19 and Ukraine-Russia War that is still going on.

The answer is simple everyone cannot afford colleges in India and there are limited Merit seats.

Private Medical Colleges are very expensive. Government Medical Colleges don’t charge hefty fees. But thanks to fierce competition, it is very difficult to get into Government Medical Colleges for most doctors

2. A student for life

In the above point, I mentioned that it usually takes 7-8 years to finish MBBS and MD/MS. Technically, a Doctor is a student for life! He/she has to keep herself up-to-date with the latest developments taking place in the healthcare sector. Each passing day brings with it advanced medical technology. In short, one must continue education (learning) even after completing the academic program

3. Long working hours

It is not uncommon to see Doctors working for long hours. Many Doctors go through extremely busy and hectic schedules. Marathon surgery sessions, midnight emergency calls, and community work – such activities keep Doctors busy for long hours. Medical students have similar hectic schedules too, they are constantly preparing for daily classes along with frequent exams sessions

4. Responsibility

Patients’ life and safety rest in Doctors' hands! It is a huge responsibility. Eye for detail and concentration are things a Doctor should have. There is no room for error when it comes to this profession (depending upon the specialty/specialization).   

The personal lives of medical students come to a standstill as college life takes up most of their 20s and being unable to support their families financially in their twenties can be extremely stressful

5. Burnout

Points 3 and 4 combine to create a lot of stress in Doctors’ lives. This often leads to burnout and tiredness. It is not uncommon to see Doctors having bad social and family life (due to their stressful work schedule).                          

The person who takes care of everyone's health often forgets to take care of their own. College, studies, and work overshadow personal life, habit, and hobbies. It is overwhelming and can be extremely draining.

Advantages and Disadvantages are common in the life of any professional but Medical students and Doctors will always stand out. It is an extraordinary profession and always will be.

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